Dog barking at night help

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Alfiemoon1 Wed 22-Jan-20 09:58:57

So I’ve just had my grumpy neighbour round to complain my dog barked in the night which he did downstairs and as soon as I heard him I went down and brought him up to my bed

She has complained before saying he was barking for a hour between 6-7 am which was totally untrue as he was asleep in my bed while I was getting ready for work I get up at that time she has 2 dogs who bark fight and howl a lot in the day when she’s at work she shuts them in the conservatory at the back of the house they have also barked late evening setting my dog off but she doesn’t hear hers as her bedroom is at the front

So how do I stop him barking which I understand is a pain how can monitor how long he’s barking for I get up as soon as I hear him how do I deal with this neighbour I just stand there while she rants at me even when the time she gave me once was untrue they aren’t the quietest family she yells like an old fishwife blares music out etc she makes out he’s barking in my bedroom attached to her for hours but it’s downstairs I let him out and bring him to bed it’s usually just after dh leaves for work at 11 pm but is sometimes in the night not every night

He’s a 7 year old Lhasa apso maybe I am being unreasonable to think she’s overacting I just think we live in a semi with paper thin walls so have to be tolerant of things like this blimey if I went round every time they disturbed me I would never be away from her house but any ideas how to deal with the dog and the neighbour

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