Kennel club registration?

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cyclingwife Sun 19-Jan-20 15:46:47

Hi, We've got a labrador pup (who is absolutely gorgeous) and is 11 weeks old.

I have changed the microchip into our name easily but the kennel club can't be done online - i keep getting an error and response to do it by post.

My question is do I need to bother with changing the kennel club name and address from breeder to me if we don't intend to breed from her? I've had a look at the kennel club website and apart from paying them to change address I can't quite work out what the advantages are? I'm probably missing something.


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Nojeansplease Sun 19-Jan-20 17:41:56

You can change it online easy
It took us about 2 minutes to do ours

Can’t you check with the breeder that you have the correct info to log on

Is the puppy under 8 weeks or
Is there a chance the documents are fake?

That’s the only reasons I know of that it wouldn’t work?

Wolfiefan Sun 19-Jan-20 17:43:10

I managed to change mine online. Could you call the KC? I definitely wouldn’t want my dog in someone else’s name.

BiteyShark Sun 19-Jan-20 17:57:01

I too wouldn't want any documentation for my dog to be in any other name.

cyclingwife Sun 19-Jan-20 18:53:12

Thanks all, it's the original documentation but just won't accept the details online. I have tried since the day we picked her up at 8 weeks old (3 weeks ago) and every few days since. It is so frustrating as it recognises dpup's name and breed and even DOB. Just won't let me change from breeder to owner.

Spoke to the owner of one of her sisters and they haven't bothered. Which is why I wondered what the advantages of being registered with the kennel club were? The dog is registered under the microchip so not sure what the kennel club is for?

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threemilesupthreemilesdown Sun 19-Jan-20 19:03:45

As well as not breeding, are you certain you might never take part in something like showing, agility, rally, obedience etc.? All of these would require the registration to be in your name.

Apart from that, it's just whether you're happy to leave the registration in someone else's name really. KC registration is not proof of ownership (neither is microchip registration, bizarrely) but could form a piece of evidence in the event of an ownership dispute.

Wolfiefan Sun 19-Jan-20 19:06:03

Did the breeder say they would keep joint ownership? I would contact KC. This seems odd. I would worry the dog wasn’t what it was supposed to be. sad


cyclingwife Sun 19-Jan-20 19:17:50

Thanks @threemilesupthreemilesdown I feel weird about leaving dpup in breeder's name and so wanted to change it. I just wasn't sure about what the KC do apart from take money for changing the registration. I very much doubt we would show her but you never know!

@wolfiefan the breeder is a friend of the family, the father dog is from another family we know and we know about 4 of the other families who have her sisters/ brothers, so we're sure the dog is who they are supposed to be. Otherwise I would have been suspicious. And the breeder definitely wouldn't want joint ownership he just isn't like that.

I'll try and phone the KC if they are open next weekend - can't phone from work during the week.

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Wolfiefan Sun 19-Jan-20 19:21:55

You could email. I doubt they would be there weekend. Who is at home with pup. Could they call?
TBH sounds like a BYB and dog may not actually be registered. Are you sure pedigree lab?

cyclingwife Sun 19-Jan-20 21:25:15

@Wolfiefan what's a BYB? We have the kennel club registration form in her name, and the dog and her KC name and DOB is all showing on the website.
Dh is at home with her but works from home so can't spare the time to phone, as any spare time not working is spent entertaining dpup.

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