Aggressive puppy

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DragonmotherKhaleesi Sun 19-Jan-20 11:58:42

Hi all, we collected our pup last Sunday. He's now 10 weeks old.
Over the course of the week hes been aggressive several times for no apparent reason.
Growling, snarling and this morning he bit me.
This isn't puppy biting or play, he is aggressive.
He turns in a split second, unprovoked.
He's perfectly happy and content the rest of the time.

Any advice?

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BiteyShark Sun 19-Jan-20 12:04:09

Growling can often be a dogs way of simply telling you he isn't happy with something you are doing.

This isn't puppy biting or play, he is aggressive. He turns in a split second, unprovoked. He's perfectly happy and content the rest of the time.

Mine used to 'turn' but actually I eventually saw a pattern to his triggers which was often over stimulation or tiredness and yes it puppy biting (mouthing) can really hurt.

Rather than second guess I would recommend you video this and get a trainer or ideally one that also specialises in canine behaviour that will come to your house and advise you. If you are not sure where to start your vets should be able to recommend someone.

Helenluvsrob Sun 19-Jan-20 12:04:13

Breed ? Where from ?
What body language was he showing ?

Nojeansplease Sun 19-Jan-20 12:43:47

Has he had a vet check?
Is he in any pain
I’d start noting what happens before
Maybe there are warnings or a pattern that you’re missing?
When you say he’s happy and content
How do you know that?

Growling biting and barking are all normal puppy behaviours, but of course depends how they’re done.

Have you done any research on dog body language, may be worth while, it’s not always things we may guess, I know when we got our pup I was surprised by a couple of things
Like he lifts one paw up when he’s a bit apprehensive, now I look out for it.

fivedogstofeed Sun 19-Jan-20 14:59:49

IME puppies of this age can get so overtired that fun changes into complete biting meltdown very quickly.

ClownsandCowboys Sun 19-Jan-20 15:05:08

You know when toddlers get overtired and completely lose their shit? This is the puppy version. Puppies need way more sleep than you think. And like toddlers they can easily become overstimulated and they can't regulate themselves very well.

DragonmotherKhaleesi Sun 19-Jan-20 18:56:40

Thanks for replying,

I've been in touch with the breeder for advice as he bit my son this afternoon and drew blood on his hand.

Hopefully we'll get to the route of the problem together and work through it.

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shiningstar2 Sun 19-Jan-20 19:17:42

If he is 10 weeks old then he is a puppy and this is puppy biting. However that is not to say it's not serious. Puppies have very sharp teeth and it is not too early to begin training. If he is old enough to begin wee training he is old enough to begin being trained not to bite. He will be nervous and unsure even if he seems quite happy most of the time. He has just left his mum, siblings and the only home he has ever known. He is used to snuggling up to mum and feeding/sleeping. He is dealing with an overload of new experiences/people/smells. Be consistent. A sharp 'No' and turning your back is the way to start. He/she will want to please you. Follow this up with sitting on the floor beside him/her and either playing or stroking him/her with a little food reward when he is calm. When they are tiny they are so cute and we are inclined to think 'ahh ...he's only a baby. Yes and no. He is really a toddler and we don't refuse to show/tell our toddlers what is right and wrong. He is not too little to begin understanding that he must never put his mouth aggressively on human flesh. Begin now and you will save you and him stress and anxiety later. Lucky you the start of a wonderful journey of love, loyalty and learning together. Have fun flowers

FleasAndKeef Sun 19-Jan-20 19:17:53

It's hard to tell from your original post what exactly is going on here OP. Growling, barking and biting can all be normal puppy behaviours (even drawing blood- those teeth are needle sharp!) BUT either way I would definitely seek help from a qualified behaviourist. If your puppy is just being a puppy, they will help you understand how to give outlets for the behaviour and help them through the puppy stage. If the behaviour is more than just normal puppy stuff they will help you understand what is going on. The earlier you get help, the easier it is to solve. Look for APBC or IMDT qualifications so you know you are getting the real deal since it is an unregulated industry.

ClownsandCowboys Sun 19-Jan-20 20:41:51

I was covered in little bite marks for weeks months.

The puppy shouldn't be around children alone, and certainly not when over tired.

You've been given advice here. Does puppy have a crate? Pop him in there for enforced naps. He shouldn't be awake for more than an hour max.

Wolfiefan Sun 19-Jan-20 20:45:15

Puppies bite.
They growl as part of play.
They lunge.
They draw blood.
I’m covered in bruises and have a few puncture marks too.
He’s not being aggressive. He’s being a puppy.

Whynosnowyet Sun 19-Jan-20 20:47:48

Is everyone on the same page regarding 'discipline' and training?
I had a lovely dpuppy until my now exh started losing his temper with her...
Def not saying anything negative has happened to yours but some people have different ideas.. Not always good ones.

ClownsandCowboys Sun 19-Jan-20 21:15:25

Oh yes, I had and have bruises on my thighs which are like a measuring chart showing how much our puppy has grown 😁.

She's just about growing out of it now she's 6 months. She still occasionally nips my bum for attention.

OntheWaves40 Sun 19-Jan-20 21:18:42

This is way puppies and children aren’t a good combo

BrokenWing Sun 19-Jan-20 21:36:36

We had a labrador, when he was a pup ds(9 at the time) was always closely supervised and playtime kept under control. Puppies bite, growl, lunge and easily break skin, they aren't really suitable for unpredictable children.

You need to manage their interactions very carefully until the pup responses become more reliable.

adaline Sun 19-Jan-20 21:38:49

Sounds perfectly normal to me. Not enjoyable or fun, but normal.

I was covered in scratches, bites and bruises for several months after we got our puppy. Their teeth are like needles while they're young and it doesn't take much for them to make you bleed and cause bruising.

It's why people don't recommend puppies around small children - puppies hurt! They might be cute but you really need to supervise them around kids at all times.

What happened leading up to the bites? Was the puppy being held or carried? Was he overtired or playing or having a treat? Was he due a toilet trip? Mine always got bitey and silly when he needed a poo 😂

Louise91417 Sun 19-Jan-20 21:43:02

My pup is now 14 weeks and he has started,over the last couple of weeks, to leave his biting behind. This is puppy behaviour and you should now be training to deter it. Use a crate, as advised by pp and a young pup should not be left with young children. Children can be rough and unintentionally hurt a young pup resulting in bites. Your pup is still learning and has to be taught..

Wolfiefan Sun 19-Jan-20 21:59:07

@ClownsandCowboys it took me ages to work out last pup had ripped a hole in the bum of my jeans. Goodness only knows how often I went out like that before I realised. Hoping I always wore big black pants under black jeans!

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