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Hand hold - dog can’t stand up

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Myyearmytime Thu 16-Jan-20 23:11:49

Yes it very worrying when your dog child or husband does something weird.

bobbypinseverywhere Thu 16-Jan-20 22:02:04

Thanks everyone. He decided to get himself up to follow me outside - now he’s moved it’s definitely one sided and so likely his hip problem. Spoke to the vet who said now he is up and he’s urinated normally (he managed to take himself outside) she’d recommend seeing how he is over the next few days. Given him a double dose anti inflammatory we always keep in just Incase for him, and I’ll see how he is tomorrow.

I appreciate talking to people. Does anyone else have that feeling when something bad happens and youre alone you just want To talk to someone about it?

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JKScot4 Thu 16-Jan-20 21:22:16

I have one with luxating patella and when he couldn’t walk it was because his knee had slipped out, he was in agony. I’d phone until you get an out of hours even if not your regular vet, he could be in terrible pain.

SillyUnMurphy Thu 16-Jan-20 21:20:29

Phone the OOH vet as soon as possible.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 16-Jan-20 21:19:37

Could it be vestibular disease? This is basically the canine version of labyrinthitis - our dog had it, and couldn’t stand up for several days - we had to carry her to and from the car to get her to the vet hospital.

If you look at the dog’s eyes, are they flickering - quick side to side or up and down movements? That is what the vet saw, that they said was strongly indicative of vestibular disease.

Our dog did recover from it (even though she was an older dog with other problems) - she didn’t get out of her bed from the Thursday evening when we got back from the vet, until the Sunday, apart fro struggling out and having an accident on the rug a couple of times.

Myyearmytime Thu 16-Jan-20 21:18:35

My poor old dog could not get up tonight. I just put my hands under his bum and give him a boost.
I do have doggy pain killer i can give him as well.
Next times he tried to get up give him a boast see if hold his own weight and get moving.

Fujexa Thu 16-Jan-20 21:05:34

Give your vet a call, every single vet practice has an out of hours service either provided by themselves or arranged with an out of hours clinic nearby. As suggested above, call your practice's number and it should either be diverted or else there'll be a voicemail with instructions. If they truly have no out of hours service, that's v unusual. Best of luck with your doggo.

suchameanie Thu 16-Jan-20 21:04:52

Wow 2.5 Is young.
Can you fold up a blanket and use it as a sling underneath his middle. Sometimes when you get them up then they can walk it off a bit. It’s the getting up bit which Is the hardest.

cakeandchampagne Thu 16-Jan-20 21:02:47

Make a comfortable spot on the floor for you both, and just snuggle him. That’s about all you can do tonight.

Twospaniels Thu 16-Jan-20 21:01:28

I’m so sorry to hear your worries. Most vets have an out of hours service, even if you have to drive a bit further to get there. Give your vet a ring there’ll be a message telling you what number to call.

bobbypinseverywhere Thu 16-Jan-20 20:58:17

He’s only 2.5 years old 😢

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bobbypinseverywhere Thu 16-Jan-20 20:57:30

Really just looking to talk to someone tonight and express my worries. My DH is away in another time zone and I feel like I need to talk to someone!!

My beautiful best friend DDog tonight suddenly can’t stand up/walk. He had a busy day and a longer walk than usual and was very tired, and has just had a long nap on the rug. He’s tried to get up, and his back legs just can’t support him. He can’t stand or walk so has laid back down. He did try to drag himself a small way but now has gone back to sleep.

I’m so worried. He is a large breed and we do know he has mild hip dysplasia but we didn’t think it would start affecting him so soon, and as far as we know it’s only on 1 side but tonight it’s both. I’m worried sick. I live rurally so no out of hours vets but I’ll ring them 1st thing in the morning.

And I guess I’ll see or he is when he wakes up again ☹️

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