1st time kennel boarding

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Ohffsanywilldo Mon 13-Jan-20 19:59:07

Hi, so I have to get my dog into kennels in a few months and it'll be the first time I've done it. Was hoping someone could help me out with pricing - there's a price for day and a price for night. So as I am boarding her overnight i wanted to know do i pay both amounts for a 24 hour period or do i just go by the overnight price?

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Dreamersandwishers Mon 13-Jan-20 20:40:13

I assume day price is for day care, so overnight price, but bear in mind you pay for day of arrival and day you leave.
So if say it’s Saturday to Saturday, you will pay rate x 8 , not 7 nights.
I don’t know if it’s common but I expect to tip the kennel maid - about 5-10% too. But only if the dog is happy , clean etc when I pick up .

Pipandmum Mon 13-Jan-20 20:46:32

Tip? Never heard of that for boarding dogs. I pay £30 per dog (10% discount on second if they share kennel) and I've never tipped! For two weeks away it's well over £650 I'm not giving more!

longearedbat Tue 14-Jan-20 16:51:56

No, I've never tipped a kennel maid either - sometimes the dog boarding costs more than the holiday!

LochJessMonster Tue 14-Jan-20 16:59:15

Worked in kennels for years and never got tipped!
Occasionally got chocolates/sweets from whatever country they travelled to if it was a long trip, or Christmas.

I would assume you pay for the days you drop off and pick up.

I would say the day price is if you drop off in the morning and collect in the afternoon/evening.

Night price could mean 2 days/1 night.

What is the difference between the two prices? If the 'night price' means drop off day 1, collect day 2 then I would expect it to be at least double the 'day price'.

Funf Tue 14-Jan-20 17:47:21

The breeder of our dog has her back for holidays £10 per night you supply the food

Ohffsanywilldo Sat 18-Jan-20 00:28:44

Apologies for the late reply, I just took a screenshot of their prices if it makes it easier to work out. Does it mean they only do a half day Sunday? Or just that I couldn't collect her on a Sunday after 1?

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BiteyShark Sat 18-Jan-20 08:00:55

We can all have a guess but it doesn't mean we would be right so I would just contact them and ask the price if you were to drop off at this day/time and pickup at this day/time.

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