Can anyone give an opinion on this? Something weird just happened

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Nobhobs Sat 11-Jan-20 21:42:39

My dog (KCC) 2 years old has been fully house trained for over a year now with no accidents. He was last let out in the garden 20 minutes ago. I'm sat on the sofa and he just walked in front of me, looked me directly in the eyes and peed all over the floor? He's seemed well in himself all day, I'm totally thrown

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BiteyShark Sat 11-Jan-20 22:40:42

Not quite the same thing but around 1 year old my dog who had been house trained for months came back into the house, stood over a mat, stared directly at me and peed.

The mat was new so might have been that but we had had a mat there before. I just took him outside a lot of times after that and praised him when he peed as if he was a young puppy. It never happened again.

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