Dog messing at night

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mumofkyle Thu 09-Jan-20 17:57:25

Our 11 year old Cocker Spaniel has been to the dog minder for a week while we were away over Christmas, he knows her well, she has no other dogs as he likes to be the only pet.

We picked him up on the 2nd January and she said he had an upset tummy, this does tend to happen and we aren't sure if it's the stress of not being in his house.

He really does rule the roost here, and has got worse as he gets older, he barks and howls at us if we don't do what he wants. Walking him is a nightmare as he will bark at any other dog, I very often turn around and go a different route if we see a dog coming. His tail is wagging but he does sound aggressive so I just try to minimise these interactions. He has only started doing this over the last 2 years, before that he just ignored other dogs. He is the sweetest dog though and we love him dearly.

Back to the point of my post, he did have an upset tummy so we starved him for 24 hours and he had chicken and rice for 48 hours then just half portions of his usual food. His poo's are back to normal but he has started poo'ing during the night, we have never had this problem unless he has an upset tummy but that is all better now but he is still poo'ing during the night, not asking to go out at all.

It has been every night since we got him home, last night I let him out as usual about 11pm, he was out for a good 10 minutes, I woke up and let him out at 3am for 5 minutes and when I got up at 5.30am he'd poo'd in the house.

Does anyone have any ideas to change his routine back? He really isn't concerned about it which is very unusual as he gets very upset if he's in trouble.

Sorry it's so long!!!

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