When to stop taking pup out at night?

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Juanbablo Mon 06-Jan-20 17:20:13

Our puppy is 10 weeks old, we've had him for 2 weeks and we get up around 2 am to take him out to the toilet. He goes to bed (in his crate) around 10 pm and we get up at 6:30am. The first night we had him he went to the toilet in the crate but hasn't since. He hasn't ever barked or cried during the night, always seems to be sleeping happily when we go down to take him out. Should We try seeing if he can go through the night?

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Scarsthelot Mon 06-Jan-20 17:30:13

How is his toilet training going?

Does he usually let you know he wants to go out?

If so, I would just make sure you can hear him if he wants to go out.

My 3.5 year old cocker got annoyed if you wok her up in the night. I have an 10 week old rescue cocker. She is in her crate in our room. We get up when she cries to go out. Usually around 3. Then she will sleep until 7.

Juanbablo Mon 06-Jan-20 17:34:08

Toilet training is generally going very well. He lets us know when he wants to go out for a poo but wee is more about us taking him out regularly. He's having 0-1 accident a day. Accident happening when he's having a crazy hour and instead of going to the toilet outside just charges about trying to eat leaves.

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Helenj1977 Mon 06-Jan-20 17:41:15

Our puppy is 9wo and she cries when she needs to go out in the night. I was going to wake her but decided to see what happened! Maybe try it tonight and see what happens? I do put a puppy pad in her den and she's only used it once when I got to her too late!

TheyAllFloat Mon 06-Jan-20 21:40:01

Why not just sneak the time forward a bit and see how he gets on? Set the alarm for 3am and if he's still clean and asleep when you go down at that time then try 4am - and so on?

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