5 month cockerpoo gone off his food.

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Beautiful3 Mon 06-Jan-20 10:56:08

My puppy has gone off his food. I've tried different food and really mashing it up, also treats. He tried to eat but yelped. Could it be his teeth? 3 fell out a few days ago. Do I need to take him to the vets?

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TheyAllFloat Mon 06-Jan-20 10:58:35

If puppy teeth are falling out it may be that his teeth are really sore.

If you feed him soft/wet food does he eat it?

Apart from that, teenage dogs often have a decrease on their interest in food and get a bit picky. Adding tasty toppers, such as a bit of wet food, a bit of tinned fish or an egg can all help.

TheyAllFloat Mon 06-Jan-20 10:59:18

Sorry, meant to say that despite all that, taking him to the vet to be sure is always a sensible decision.

Beautiful3 Mon 06-Jan-20 11:04:24

@TheyAllFloat thank you for your reply, I appreciate your advice. I'll boil an egg and see how he gets on.

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adaline Mon 06-Jan-20 12:18:34

He could be teething.

Have you tried things like frozen carrot to help soothe his gums?

Beautiful3 Mon 06-Jan-20 13:06:09

He's managed to eat some tuna in water and a scrambled egg. I'm relieved he is now eating. Thanks @TheyAllFloat. Great idea @adaline I will try a frozen carrot.

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lisag1969 Mon 06-Jan-20 13:20:46

Maybe try and look in his mouth incase he has an infection. X
Also if you are not already giving him wet food try this.
Mine went of his food for days when he was a baby wouldn't eat for days.
I gradually changed him over to , Lily's kitchen organic chicken and vegetable bake. nice and gentle. He's been great ever since. X


Beautiful3 Mon 06-Jan-20 14:04:55

Thanks @lisag1969 when my husband gets home, I'll get him to help me look inside his mouth. I have put my fingers in and his gums feel very hot, it seems sore at the back on one side. If it seems Infected i will take him to the vets. His food is not cheap as i can only get it from pets at home, but will give the lily's kitchen organic a go (if this continues over the next few days.)

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