Poor Richard Coles and his pack

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Afrigginggoat Sun 05-Jan-20 19:31:55

Saw on twitter that Richard Coles has had to re-home 3 of his 5 dogs following the death of his partner. How awful for him, a loss upon loss. He's kept the oldest dogs and found homes with friends and family for the others but must be heartbreaking.

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T0tallyFuckedUpFamily Sun 05-Jan-20 19:35:32

I’m sorry, but who is Richard and what has losing his partner got to do with re-homing his dogs? I am very sorry for his loss, however.

Fruityb Sun 05-Jan-20 19:36:25

The Rev. Richard Coles whose husband died a few weeks ago. He’s a lovely lovely man.

T0tallyFuckedUpFamily Sun 05-Jan-20 19:38:29

Oh, it’s ok, I’ve found him and remember him now. I still don’t understand why he has reformed his poor dogs, though.

missyB1 Sun 05-Jan-20 19:40:40

I’m guessing he has to go away now and again with his work? I don’t know but anyway 5 dogs for one person on their own who works presumably full time would be very difficult.

Afrigginggoat Sun 05-Jan-20 19:40:48

They had five and I guess it's a case of who is at home now - when he is out at work - and who can look after them. David was only 42. I guess they never expected this situation.

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Spotty528 Sun 05-Jan-20 19:42:06

I don’t know him either but I think lots of people might have to rehome their dog/dogs if they found themselves in a similar position. I work part time, DH full time so DH wouldn’t be able to look after our puppy if anything happened to me.


SimonJT Sun 05-Jan-20 19:46:03

I saw that and felt sad for him, he has received some awful hate mail about his husband.

I do like how he is breaking rules, he said on twitter he was never allowed a motorbike, so he’s bought an a-bike and he’s storing it in the hallway to break another of Davids rules.

BestIsWest Sun 05-Jan-20 19:46:48

Yes, I saw this too. I follow him on Twitter. It’s all terribly sad. I really feel for him.

BiteyShark Sun 05-Jan-20 19:48:15

DH and I have discussed this in terms of what would happen if one of us died. If it was DH then nothing would change but if it was me then DH would have to employ our dog carer full time or find a second dog carer to plug the gaps to care for BiteyDog.

With 5 dogs I can imagine it would be very difficult sad

Helenluvsrob Sun 05-Jan-20 22:36:08


EnidPrunehat Mon 06-Jan-20 19:07:36

How dreafully sad. He must feel truly terrible and quite lost.

My beautiful old dog was a huge support to me when my husband died and I felt totally bereft when the dog himself died 18 months later. The thought of rehoming him would have been beyond awful.

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