10 week old puppy

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reikizen Sun 05-Jan-20 15:15:58

Hi all, my 10 week old lab has his second lot of vaccinations next week and as it is years since I had such a young dog I wonder how other puppy owners structure their day?

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adaline Sun 05-Jan-20 18:59:11

As soon as ours could go for walks our days looked something like this:

6am - up for the toilet and breakfast. Back to sleep.
8am - walk and toilet.
8.30am - playtime, toilet.
9am - 12pm - sleep, then toilet and lunch.
12.15pm - normally another toilet break and then training.
12:30pm - sleep.
4pm - wake up, toilet, walk. Sometimes play/training too.
5pm-7pm he would just chill with us - several toilet breaks, playtime, training etc. depending on what we fancied doing.
7pm - dinner and toilet.
7.30-8.30pm - the dreaded zoomies!
8.30pm - toilet break and sleep on the sofa until we went up to bed. We always took him to the toilet before we went upstairs.

During the night, he woke us when he needed the toilet - normally once/twice a night at that age although by 20 weeks that had reduced to zero for the most part.

Hope that helps a little smile

reikizen Sun 05-Jan-20 19:59:30

Thankyou - that is very helpful! I could not think how to balance out the active vs resting ratio!

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