DDog can't wait quietly outside a shop

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BlackSwan Wed 01-Jan-20 17:28:37

Every time I leave my dog outside our local shop for 3-5 minutes to buy a bottle of milk etc, he barks incessantly. He can even see me while he's barking, it doesn't matter... he knows where I am, he just doesn't like being left for any period. He's fine to be left at home.
I really wish he would chill. What should I do? I was thinking of giving him a chewy treat next time...
Anyone have this issue?

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Standstilling Wed 01-Jan-20 17:30:52

God yes. I race around the shop, one eye on the door in case he somehow breaks a double knot and races in to get me, giving apologetic looks to everyone about his horrible strangled, whiny barks. Sorry, am no help but I do sympathise.

2020BetterBeBetter Wed 01-Jan-20 17:31:38

If I’m honest, I’d find it reassuring to still be able to hear him as I would be worried about someone stealing him.

Standstilling Wed 01-Jan-20 17:31:46

PS I’ve tried treats - he ignored them until I was back.

FatherRabulaConundrum Wed 01-Jan-20 17:32:50

* If I’m honest, I’d find it reassuring to still be able to hear him as I would be worried about someone stealing him.*

This. X10000000000000000.

TheLittleBrownFox Wed 01-Jan-20 17:33:01

I'm sorry, but I think that's a really good argument for not leaving dogs outside of shops any more. Dog baiting and therefore thefts for saud baiting have risen dramatically.

IckleBear Wed 01-Jan-20 17:34:40

I wouldn't leave my dog on its own! It only takes seconds for someone to steal them.


Tinofcurses Wed 01-Jan-20 17:35:30

I can't leave mine outside a shop, she whines non-stop, and it's worse if she can see me. I either leave her at home or bring ds to wait outside with her.

I haven't tried using a treat, but I suspect it wouldn't last long enough to solve the problem.

BlackSwan Wed 01-Jan-20 17:35:39

Gosh, ok, fair point about theft. Perhaps he has some sense of that!

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FatherRabulaConundrum Wed 01-Jan-20 17:35:51

Admittedly I live in a village where nearly everyone has a dog but it's generally accepted that you can bring a polite dog into the shop with you, rather than risk leaving outside where it might be stolen. My smaller dog is still (aged 10) reactive on the lead thanks to being attacked while tied up outside a shop while a puppy.

Trewser Wed 01-Jan-20 17:36:20

I have never left any of my dogs outside a shop.

FatherRabulaConundrum Wed 01-Jan-20 17:36:33

(Not while he belonged to us, I should add!!)

Lllot5 Wed 01-Jan-20 17:36:58

Leave him at home.
Take him for walks when you’re not going shopping.

BiteyShark Wed 01-Jan-20 17:37:07

I would be terrified of someone walking off with my dog if I left him tied up outside.

BlackSwan Wed 01-Jan-20 17:37:21

That solves my problem in some sense - I just won't leave him! He's only 18 months and a very handsome thing, I would die if someone took him.

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FilledSoda Wed 01-Jan-20 17:37:36

I hate to see a dog left on its own . There are some really awful people about and they would have the dog whisked away in seconds.
It's not worth the risk

OhWellThatsJustGreat Wed 01-Jan-20 17:39:42

Mine comes in the shop with me, he sits sleeps in the basket underneath my sons pushchair seat so he's no bother to anyone. I worry too much about him being taken to leave him outside, he's a strange looking chihuahua cross so quite tempting to theives where I live.

BlackSwan Wed 01-Jan-20 17:40:47

You have all persuaded me, I hear you loud and clear.

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mumsiedarlingrevolta Wed 01-Jan-20 17:41:57

I would never ever leave my dog outside a shop-it's all too easy for some unscrupulous person to take them-the dog is in such a vulnerable position left there.

Ppl steal for selling or bait dogs or all sorts of horrible things

EnglishRain Wed 01-Jan-20 17:44:05

I don't leave mine either. Overly paranoid about dog theft after hearing more stories the last few years, although that could be increased reporting.

Good for you taking views on board @BlackSwan and considering your stance. I don't mean that in a patronising way, but people on here can be quite blunt and a lot of people then feel the need to be defensive when they respond.

IthinkIsawahairbrushbackthere Wed 01-Jan-20 17:44:21

We had a tragic incident in town a while ago when a sweet little terrier was left outside a shop (something the owner did regularly) and he was attacked by another dog and died of his injuries.

Your dog might be the most patient/obedient dog going but it only takes one aggressive dog passing by to cause serious injury - and the dog is more likely to respond aggressively if it is restricted to the length of his lead.

I would never trust my dogs to be at the mercy of strangers - no matter how friendly or easy going they are - I would be afraid that they could be stolen or injured or stressed/put in a position where they felt a need to defend themselves and could end up snapping or scaring someone.

Disfordarkchocolate Wed 01-Jan-20 17:45:43

We used to leave our dog outside shops and he was fine; until some teenagers decide to tease him. We had to leave him at home as he was now too anxious to be left. Nowadays I'd be worried about theft too.

iforgotthatyouexisted Wed 01-Jan-20 18:01:28

I would never leave my dogs outside a shop. One will go with anyone and the other is a valuable pedigree breed so wouldn't risk it.

I don't even like leaving them in the car if I pop in to a shop (and would never do this in warm weather).

iforgotthatyouexisted Wed 01-Jan-20 18:02:47

Also, he's barking because he feels insecure and unsafe. It's one thing being away from you in a familiar environment but quite another in a strange place with cars and people rushing past him. He's telling you he's unhappy.

BlackSwan Wed 01-Jan-20 18:29:53

God I can't imagine how naive you must all think I have been. It's an indictment of our society. I remember visiting Copenhagen some 20 years back and being shocked to see buggies, with babies inside left outside shops - unattended. I wonder if that still happens.

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