Puppy's first season?

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StillMedusa Tue 31-Dec-19 20:07:48

I think my girl may be coming into her first season but I'm not sure (she's our first dog so it's all new to me) She's 7.5 months old, medium sized breed (21kg)
She's been very clingy the last few days and for the last day or so has been cleaning herself an awful lot. I tried to see if her vulva was swollen but tbh I hadn't really stared at it before (she's VERY fluffy). I think it might be though.
Assuming she is, how do we help her through it. I know she has to stay on lead for about 3 weeks (which she is going to hate as we live rurally and are mostly off lead) so walks will be boring. I just want to keep her as happy as I can poor girl!
(ps she will be spayed but not till full bone growth)

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 01-Jan-20 08:55:32

It could be a season. You can always use longline rather than a standard lead.

Catsrus Wed 01-Jan-20 09:07:40

If you're rural then be VERY aware of the possibility of farm dogs visiting. If you can put her in the car and drive to a walking area you will minimise leaving a delicious scent trail right back to your house.

My dog trainer lives rurally and has tales of collies travelling quite a distance to get to her bitches when they have their first season.

The middle week is the most risky. Run your open hand down her spine to the tail. With thumb on one side and three fingers on the other. When she is as keen as the boys to mate she will move her tail to one side and present her rear end. Be vigilant, she will try to get out and find a mate during that time. She will forget any loyalty to you and be more than willing to do a runner! Check the security of the garden.

It is a pain - but you are right to wait for full physical maturity before doing it. My Golden retriever was 2.5 when done, so had 4 seasons. I wanted her done after 3 but she had D&V just at the crucial week! They won't operate for an elective procedure with an active infection.

Make a note of when you think she started, when she becomes receptive, and when you think she's finished. Do this for every season. Take photos of the vulva if you're not sure what it looks like at each stage - get familiar with it. The vet will want the dates of the latest season before spaying to work out the week she will need to be done. Get in touch with them as soon as that season finishes and book her in.

Good luck smile

StillMedusa Wed 01-Jan-20 09:51:40

Thankyou Catsrus (Cats are us too!) that is very helpful!
The garden is secure unless she suddenly manages a 6 foot fence.but there is a Weimariner down the road who is intact and he HAS escaped before so I won't let her out there without me just in case!
Had another look this morning and I'm pretty sure this IS it..her vulva is more obvious and damp looking, so will note it, and when bleeding starts.
I generally pop her in the car for her long walks anyway so will go to some remote fields and keep her on a long line, unfortunately I'm back at work next week so the early morning walk will have to be from the house but I go out very early so don't usually see anyone...can't help that scent trail tho.
I think she's at the very beginning so will track and date it.

I was about to take down the stair gate (on the living room ) as she doesn't try to go out the front door, but I'll rethink that til it's over!!!!

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 01-Jan-20 11:09:56

Depending on her recall and the stage of her season, you can drop the longline and keep her close so long as no other dogs (unless you know they're bitches or neutered males) are around. I do this with mine: open hillside, scope out the surroundings, let her have a bit of a run about.

HairyDogsOfThigh Wed 01-Jan-20 11:17:19

There are things called 'bitch pants' which are like a nappy for bitches in season to minimise the mess. I used a pair of children's pants stuffed with a flannel, tail to one side, or you could cut a tail hole. Mine was also incontinent for a day or two near the end of her season the first time.

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