Dog memorial tree on a footpath

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Honeyroar Thu 02-Jan-20 14:11:52

It’s only an idea at the moment, so lots to consider.

At the moment I’m thinking something like a Xmas tree or rose/holly bush, something that won’t be too big. (I wouldn’t want to block our view too much either) We have two footpaths that run along the side of two fields and we’ve fenced them off from the fields so the horses don’t get at walkers or loose dogs at the animals. So there’s a 10’ strip of land fenced off that the footpath goes along - plenty of room for trees too. It’s very open countryside, so gets lots of weather, so we’d not be able to accept decorations- it would just be a rustic set up - a tree and a wooden plaque with the animal’s name on. We might add a couple of benches along the way.

If it were Xmas trees I’d say we could do it for £100 - 120. You wouldn’t own the plot, you’d just have a tree planted in your pets memory on the side of a footpath very popular with dog owners.

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Chocmallows Thu 02-Jan-20 12:53:14

It sounds like a thoughtful idea, but how would you feel if they regularly decorate the tree (favourite toys, photos etc.) or plant additional things around it? Or would you keep to one sign per tree?
How would members of the public contact you and know it wasn't a free-for-all space?
What happens if the tree dies, do you replace and guarantee forever?

Elieza Thu 02-Jan-20 12:46:08

That would be a lovely idea. And not just for dogs, any animal. Although you could think about ashes only or actual bodies of dead hamsters, dogs, cats and everything and making it a memory walk. You’d have people on your land all the time though. Could that cause problems with rights of ways being created or anything? What happens if you sell up? Re pricing, there’s no way I could afford that. It cost £70 to cremate my furry friend and that was years ago. I’d be happy to plant a rose bush if that would be an option. But that would be all I could afford.

Topseyt Thu 02-Jan-20 10:23:03

I should say that my choice has been to have my labrador's ashes, but the idea of planting a tree as a memorial could still appeal.

Topseyt Thu 02-Jan-20 10:20:45

I think it is a lovely idea. I'm sure some people would love to do that.

I would have thought a budget of £100 - £150 realistic, though it could need flexibility for people on more limited budgets.

ClairesKimono Thu 02-Jan-20 10:16:16

Oh OP this is such a brilliant idea. How lovely.

I think that £200-£300 may be a little out of many people's budegt. Would £100-£150 be more realistic?

Madvixen Wed 01-Jan-20 01:45:11

That's a lovely idea. We've just planted two tree in memorial in the new National Forest but they don't come with dedication plaques.


BF888 Wed 01-Jan-20 01:39:21

I think this is a lovely idea, and something we planned on doing in our community green area. I think pricing structure sounds reasonable to me and I know I wouldn’t mind paying for labour and also donating to dog shelter. It maybe worth having the option of allowing people to help with tree planting as they may feel its personal for them to do so. In terms of actual price, I would be happy to pay around £200-£300 if purchasing a decent sized tree to plant.

Honeyroar Tue 31-Dec-19 17:35:52

Would that interest you? We have a bit of land that have a couple of footpaths on them, popular with local walkers and lovely views. Whenever we lose a pet we usually plant a tree over them. I was wondering about letting people plant a memory tree with a plaque for their dogs along one side of the footpath. Do you think that would appeal? Would you like a tree planted on your favourite walk in memory of your dog? And if so what would you expect to pay? I was thinking enough for the tree, a little for labour and a little money to the local dog shelter.

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