Potty training with adult rescue

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Alyic Fri 27-Dec-19 22:09:28

I've had a couple of dogs like that. First was a Doberman, we had her from a pup, walked her miles and she'd walk in the kitchen and shit. Second was a Jack Russell we found abandoned, he was around 4. Doberman we got there in the end, not a chance with the Jack Russell, he had to sleep in the garage, we set him up a little area and had a heater for cold weather.

momtoboys Fri 27-Dec-19 21:29:03

We are bonkers about the issues with our rescue going in the house. She was approx a year and a half when we adopted her and we have had her for two years. We have had her with a behavior trainer (although it was not for potty training specifically), I have walked around the house with her on a leash to try and learn her cues, I have stood outside with her more times than I can count for hours waiting for her to go. she is walked for 30-45 minutes 3x per day - sometimes she goes, sometimes not. She cannot seem to regularly get the hang of it. It seems that she just goes when it occurs to her to go. There have been times when she has been playing outside all afternoon with our other potty trained dog and the minute she comes in she squats and goes. I have had her medically checked - there are no issues there. She will go on a pad indoors which is how we have been handling it for the past several months. She is a really beautiful dog and the vet told us that sometimes if really attractive adult dogs are available for adoption it is because of some reason such as this.

Has anyone ever had this problem before?? Thanks

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