Is it 'time'?

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YoureAQuizardHarry Fri 27-Dec-19 05:27:56

Feeling very sad tonight. Our 10.5 yr old mongrel is so confused. I didn't think it was possible for dogs to get dementia.

We're at my mums so he's been out of routine sleeping a lot more in the day and tonight has been a complete nightmare. Constantly pacing the room, little confused barks.. walking into the ensuite and sitting on the bath mat.. he's been outside 14 times tonight as usually he gets up because he needs the loo.

My DH is driving us home tomorrow and it's a four hour drive so I have up 2 hours ago and came downstairs with him. I'm on the sofa now and he keeps pacing around the room going out of the dog flap having a pee and coming straight back in. Going back to bed.. farting and startling himself awake again and starting the whole routine again.

This is no life. He walks the entire length of the lead behind you now like a little old man sad

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pinkyboots1 Fri 27-Dec-19 05:33:39

I'd hold off any decision until you've got him him and settled back into kid 'normal' routine. He may well have dementia but in his own home it's likely to be more manageable. See how he gets on once he's home ... good luck.

BiteyShark Fri 27-Dec-19 05:35:35

Yes they can get dementia. I don't know whether it is time but have you discussed this with your vet as I understand that medication can help with a lot of symptoms.

TheoriginalLEM Fri 27-Dec-19 05:36:46

What a gorgeous dog!

It sounds like he could be in pain. Also he is in a strange environment which isn't helping his confusion. I'd want to have a conversation with a vet (Which of course you will) and look at options. Bearing in mind that you know your dog and whether he has quality of life, i certainly would be considering euthanasia if this didn't settle down once you got home.

Medievalist Fri 27-Dec-19 05:38:43

Why do you think dementia? The pacing could just as easily be a sign of pain.

YoureAQuizardHarry Fri 27-Dec-19 05:38:44

Ah they can get dementia! Well then I think he definitely does 🤦‍♀️ I hope to god he settles at home !

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BiteyShark Fri 27-Dec-19 07:16:48

Definitely worth a vet visit when you get back home so they can assess him and help with any symptoms.


Medievalist Fri 27-Dec-19 08:43:58

Please don't diagnose him yourself. He might have something wrong with him which is causing pain/discomfort and hence the restlessness. He needs to see a vet.

Scarsthelot Fri 27-Dec-19 09:46:00

He may or may not have it. He could have a water infection or just be unsettled or loads of other things.

See how he is at home, before worrying or assuming its dementia.

mumofthree321 Sat 28-Dec-19 00:35:42

I hope you and your gorgeous dog got home safely and he feels more settled back in familiar surroundings. Dogs do and can get the equivalent of human dementia with similar symptoms. If the vet diagnoses this is the case, you're likely to find there are everyday things he'll find difficult - perhaps navigating around the house. You may find him in a corner, wondering how to get out, etc. Having a very familiar routine, keeping things in the same place so he knows where to go and being patient with him are just a few things to help his quality of life. The vet will help rule out any additional age related issues which, like us humans, take hold. We owe it to older dogs to shower them with all the love and time we have. You sound like such a caring and lovely owner smile

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