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Dog ate chocolate

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Silencedwitness Wed 25-Dec-19 10:32:20

Our dog has managed to get hold of some chocolate. It’s a mini Frodo so thankfully not dark chocolate. He weighs about ten pounds. Should we take him to the vet? We’re currently trying to ring a vet now to see what we should do but any advice? He seems okay at the moment in himself.

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BiteyShark Wed 25-Dec-19 10:34:25

There are calculators on line. Try this one

When you get through to out of hours they will be able to tell you as well whether it is a toxic amount or not.

8MinutesToSunrise Wed 25-Dec-19 10:40:24

My parents dog has managed to snaffle milk chocolate so many times, he's always fine, just has stinky farts and sometimes diarrhea.

Lovemusic33 Wed 25-Dec-19 10:41:11

Just keep a close eye on him and if he becomes unwell take him to the vets, some dogs don’t seem to get poorly from eating chocolate and I’m sure a small Freddo won’t do too much harm. My mums dog ate a whole chocolate santa the other year and was fine.

BiteyShark Wed 25-Dec-19 10:44:52

The dogs that are not affected are because it depends on the type of chocolate (dark chocolate is terrible), the amount consumed and the size of the dog.

That is why using a calculator (or asking a vet if you are not sure) is the failsafe way of telling toxicity rather than relying on other dogs being fine in the past and therefore extrapolating those experiences.

Silencedwitness Wed 25-Dec-19 11:28:52

Thanks all. We got through to an out of hours vet. They’ve said to watch him. Thankfully it was a milk chocolate fredo. We’ve done the calculations online. Hopefully it’ll just be an upset stomach if that. He’s darting about still.

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Greyhound22 Wed 25-Dec-19 11:32:16

I don't think that amount of milk chocolate will do anything just keep an eye on him

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