Puppy poo at night

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plotmissinginaction Wed 25-Dec-19 04:38:41

Puppy is 11 weeks, he was sleeping in a basket by my bed and waking me up to go to the loo. Then he slept through a couple of nights but last night and tonight he didn’t wake me up, he just went for a poo in my room and now I don’t know what to do! We have a crate downstairs, should I start using it at night? I think he’ll cry.

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plotmissinginaction Wed 25-Dec-19 04:55:46

Or better to set an alarm and then take him out if he won’t wake me?

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Booboostwo Wed 25-Dec-19 06:41:55

Is he crate trained? If yes, you can start using the crate at night, but place it by your bed. Also set your alarm for the middle of the night because he is not ready to hold his poo in all night.

The good new is that they grow out of this phase quite quickly.

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