First Christmas without my darling boy

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ThrilledToTiddlyBits Tue 24-Dec-19 22:56:06

Our wonderful Labrador was PTS in March this year, aged 14. This will be our first Christmas without him and I am struggling so much. I've had a few out of the blue episodes where I've just thought of him and started to cry, then tonight the DCs wanted to watch Snowman and the Snowdog which of course had me sobbing.

We have another dog but we inherited him after a family death a few years ago and although I love him, he's not my dog, and I just miss my boy so much still and its been 9 months.

He was an absolute fiend for wrapping paper - he'd pinch it off anyone who was opening a present and wander off with it to shred. He could sniff his own presents out from under the tree with no help. He was a pain in the arse and would knock over a cup of tea with his tail most days but my God my heart hurts without him.

Pointless post I know, just venting and wishing a peaceful Christmas to anyone who is missing a special friend this year xx

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reindeer878 Tue 24-Dec-19 22:58:31

RIP❤️ take this time to remember all the good memories you had with him, as you've mentioned a few already. He is in a better place and it will get easier as the time goes on. It's your first time without him so it's bound to feel wierd and sad.

Wolfiefan Tue 24-Dec-19 22:58:51

Oh that’s not a pointless post. You’re keeping your boy alive in your heart and thoughts. And it’s lovely to think of others in a similar situation.
I’m so sorry for your loss OP. flowers

BiteyShark Wed 25-Dec-19 08:28:18

So sorry thanks. They really do steal your heart sad

lightnesspixie Wed 25-Dec-19 08:33:27

Aw That's really tough. I love our Labrador. Can we see a picture? Here's our boy.

Lollyjack Wed 25-Dec-19 08:35:29

I lost my Labrador Winston 25th of June this year so 6 months today. He was nearly 16 bless him but my god this first Xmas waking up without him here is heartbreaking. He hated any changes in the house including the Xmas tree going up but loved it when I told home to find his presents under the tree. He would get them out and be like a little puppy again with his tippy tapping. Thinking of you and of our boys running around rainbow bridge with their Xmas presents xxxxx

Dreamersandwishers Wed 25-Dec-19 08:39:40

Oh Thrilled that’s tough. You have lost a loving member of your family, it’s normal to miss him. So sorry for you. 💐💐

Lightnesspixie, that’s a handsome chap.😍


ThrilledToTiddlyBits Wed 25-Dec-19 09:35:35

Thank you all for your kind words. @lollyjack I'm sorry we're in the same boat, but yes let's think of them that way smile

@lightnesspixie what a handsome face! This was him last year helping me with the wrapping ❤️

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labazsisgoingmad Wed 25-Dec-19 11:25:12

had to have my jrt put to sleep aged 15 this year we have a lot of problems with one thing an another but waking up without poppy has been a killer i love our other dogs but its so hard sending hugs to you

lightnesspixie Wed 25-Dec-19 11:27:00

@thrilled he was lovely. I'm
Sure you gave him a fabulous life. Draw comfort from that thought.

Suebnm Wed 25-Dec-19 11:28:21


He looks like he was a bit mischievous, what a lovely lad.

Darklane Thu 26-Dec-19 01:20:52

I know exactly how you feel. This is my first Christmas without my lovely boy too. He died in summer aged twelve after living with cancer for two years, happily, my vet was amazed at him. He was the most beautiful little Yorkie, so gentle & loving, he never once so much as growled at anything but had a wonderful gurgling little laugh when he was happy. I’ve been crying on & off all day I still miss him dreadfully.

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