Do all dog collars contain insecticide?

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Servalan Tue 24-Dec-19 17:05:04

OK - bizarre question...

I've never owned a dog.

I've bought a leather dog collar for somebody.

A friend said to me that she thinks all dog collars contain insecticide.

Is this true, or would a normal leather dog collar be insecticide-free? (It has not been marketed as a 'flea collar' which I had assumed before would be the only dog collars containing insecticide)


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AWafferthinmint Tue 24-Dec-19 17:10:51

No! Flea collars will but they will be labelled with this.

adaline Tue 24-Dec-19 17:11:23

Only flea collars do!

JKScot4 Tue 24-Dec-19 17:13:12

What a strange idea, personally use Ezi dog collars as they’re a clip and washable.
I’m mystified at her suggestion 🙄🤔

ArlenesWoodBurningStove Tue 24-Dec-19 17:22:15

Is the collar for a person?

BiteyShark Tue 24-Dec-19 17:23:31

Flea and tick collars but they will be clearly marked as such. Normal collars don't. What an odd comment from your friend confused

Servalan Tue 24-Dec-19 17:30:00

Arlenes - yes, it's for a costume. Thanks to people for clarifying. I was a bit thrown when my friend said this!

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koshkat Sat 28-Dec-19 10:58:40


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