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Dog stretching neck and looking upwards

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pilates Mon 23-Dec-19 09:38:02

My 18 month old dog has recently started doing this, is this normal?

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BiteyShark Mon 23-Dec-19 09:42:58

It really depends on the context.

When my dog has been very ill and in pain with his stomach he stretches his neck upwards.

He also does a different stretch but similar when he's just getting up in the morning,

pilates Mon 23-Dec-19 09:50:52

Yes it’s not the normal just woken up stretch. He is eating walking normally. I’m sure if I take him to the vets he won’t do it.

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BiteyShark Mon 23-Dec-19 09:56:03

If there aren't any other symptoms I would probably just do a watch for now.

Certainly my dog has always had other symptoms with the neck stretching.

Booboostwo Mon 23-Dec-19 10:38:12

Video him doing it and show the vet?

Bobstergirl Mon 23-Dec-19 11:01:22

I would also consider stomach pain. Does he rush his food , is he on kibble?

MustardScreams Mon 23-Dec-19 11:04:09

Ooh I’d get him to a vet, what breed is he? When my parent’s dog did this (lab) it was bloat. He was trying to stretch to get the air out of his stomach. The stomach can flip if distended too much and it’s a huge op.

Give the vet a call this morning.

pilates Mon 23-Dec-19 22:41:13

I did manage to video him, (miniature schnauzer) and veterinary receptionist said to keep an eye on him but she couldn’t think of anything obvious straight away. What caused that Mustard?

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MustardScreams Mon 23-Dec-19 22:53:16

@pilates eating too quickly and on the floor. He gulped air down with his food and dogs can’t burp readily.

Mum bought a puzzle feeder on a stand after that which has prevented it happening ever again.

MustardScreams Mon 23-Dec-19 22:58:31

Keep an eye out for pacing, pale gums and groaning. Those are the classic bloat signs along with stretching.

OhCumInMyFaceful Mon 23-Dec-19 22:59:23

Mine does this but it's obvious when he does it that he's indicating he wants to be stroked. He does it when he's sat by or on us.

TheLittleBrownFox Tue 24-Dec-19 00:16:24

My 22 month old does these type of stretches but there's a definite correlation with getting ready to be walked or just got up. She also definitely burps after every meal always knew she was special.

Long or small dogs do tend to stretch more, especially as youngsters.

Anything else behaviour wise? Is he happy to be stroked firmly all over?

anon2000000000 Tue 24-Dec-19 00:22:55

My dog does this with an ear infection.

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