What's this? lump/cyst/tick?

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mondaypolomint Sun 22-Dec-19 11:35:40

Hi has anyone any idea what this could be on our 11 year old black labs leg? I noticed it last night as it had been bleeding - I think he might have knocked it. Its about the size of a coffee bean. I bathed it in salty water and prodded it and tried to get a good look at it. There's no pus just blood, if it's a tick - it's a big one - too big for my tick removing tool. I daren't pull it in case it's not a tick. DDog doesn't seem bothered by it - so it can't be painful

He's got a routine vets appointment for a check up Tuesday
Should we bring it foreword to tomorrow?
How should I treat it?

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VictoriaBun Sun 22-Dec-19 11:39:13

Not a tick, it's too fleshy for one. It obviously belongs to the dog. As you already have an appointment, and you say it's not bothering them, just show the get when you go. Hope it turns out ok.

Bobstergirl Sun 22-Dec-19 12:43:55

Personally I would want it checked before Tuesday.

Stop him from licking it and try and keep it clean as possible

mondaypolomint Sun 22-Dec-19 12:48:58

Thanks - we'll keep bathing it with salt water. He's not licking it, so I don't think it's bothering him. We'll see how it looks tomorrow's and ring vets

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Bobstergirl Mon 23-Dec-19 11:02:21

@mondaypolomint how is it looking this morning?

mondaypolomint Mon 23-Dec-19 11:19:57

Thanks @Bobstergirl it's red and fleshy. I keep bathing it with salty water which he licks off! He's going to the vets at 4 today

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Bobstergirl Mon 23-Dec-19 12:43:00

Good its not got any bigger


mondaypolomint Tue 24-Dec-19 17:42:21

Just to update The vet took some fluid from the cyst and has has sent it off for investigation. With the Xmas hol it will take longer to get the feedback on it. But depending on what it is the vet will advise us

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Bobstergirl Tue 24-Dec-19 19:36:03

Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed it is simple to sort out.

Slightlyannoyed Sat 28-Dec-19 02:31:34

Hope all will be ok.

mondaypolomint Mon 06-Jan-20 23:53:25

Hi the vet rang us last night (Sunday) to tell us DDogs biopsies from his sore have come back as being benign 😀 so no action needed. It's been a worry all over the Xmas new year period.

I've been bathing it in salt water to keep it clean and it doesn't look so angry

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nearlyfinished1moreyear Tue 07-Jan-20 16:00:46

That's great news OP and what a relief it must be for you

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