Can you help get Poppy home?

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kittybee Sat 21-Dec-19 07:13:35

Poppy’s family desperately want her home for Christmas. There’re young children in the family who don’t want presents from Santa, just their beloved dog back. This family are doing all they can (with the help of the local community) but so far there’s been no luck.

This morning it suddenly occurred to me that maybe Mumsnet could work some magic. So please, has anyone seen her? Has anyone you know bought, or has been bought, a new dog for Christmas?

Please help Poppy get home for Christmas.

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BiteyShark Sat 21-Dec-19 07:16:23

Not in that area but hoping for a happy ending.

kittybee Sat 21-Dec-19 07:20:48

Thank you BiteyShark

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DaysLikeThis1 Sat 21-Dec-19 07:28:28

Also not in the area but hoping Poppy is found, it must be so worrying for the family.
Could you perhaps post in other threads (chat?) for more traffic?

KatherineJaneway Sat 21-Dec-19 07:31:02

Are they using Facebook and Twitter to get the word out?

kittybee Sat 21-Dec-19 07:36:29

DaysLikeThis1 thank you. Yes, I had thought of doing that, but didn’t want to get on the wrong side of Mumsnet from the off.

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thesunwillout Sat 21-Dec-19 07:39:04

What area?


thesunwillout Sat 21-Dec-19 07:39:54

There's a pic that won't load properly for me hence asking

kittybee Sat 21-Dec-19 07:41:07


Yes, it’s all over facebook, not sure about Twitter as I don’t have an account, but pretty sure it will be. All local vets/dog wardens/rescue centres have been contacted. Doglost and other lost pet sites have been contacted. Numerous search parties have taken place in the local area. Drones have been employed etc etc

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BiteyShark Sat 21-Dec-19 07:41:14

thesun pic says Keyworth NG12 area.

kittybee Sat 21-Dec-19 07:42:54

Thesunwillout Poppy went missing on the 15th December from Keyworth in Nottingham (NG12). I’ve tried to do a clicky link to the doglost poster but am not having much luck so far.

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MrsMozartMkII Sat 21-Dec-19 07:48:15

I'll put this on Horse and Hound, get it some more exposure. She's a pretty distinctive dog so fingers are crossed.

QuillBill Sat 21-Dec-19 07:48:37

I live near there. I haven't heard anything about it at all on FB or seen any posters or anything.

Do they think she's lost or stolen?

kittybee Sat 21-Dec-19 07:49:24

MrsMozartMkII Thank you so much!

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kittybee Sat 21-Dec-19 07:53:57


It’s all over our local spotted site on Facebook, and posters have been put up all around the village. Will try to do a clicky link...

As time goes on we think she has been stolen, and the police agree.

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MrsMozartMkII Sat 21-Dec-19 08:11:55

I've put it on the three main boards, so hopefully someone somewhere will be able to help.

kittybee Sat 21-Dec-19 08:15:21

MrsMozartMkII It is appreciated, thank you. (Sorry, new to this and don’t know how to tag usernames.)

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MrsMozartMkII Sat 21-Dec-19 08:20:07

No fret about tagging (I only know how to make it bold).

I'll bump it up and ask people to share elsewhere.

kittybee Sat 21-Dec-19 08:21:41

MrsMozartMkII Thank you!

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Flyingarcher Sat 21-Dec-19 08:29:56

My sister in law has been out looking and much of Keyworth has been searched. Just hope she is found soon.

kittybee Sat 21-Dec-19 08:33:05

Me too Flyingarcher. It is wonderful to see the local community coming together to help.

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QuillBill Sat 21-Dec-19 08:45:49

I’ve shared it on my FB and sent it to our local site too. I hope she is found.

kittybee Sat 21-Dec-19 09:08:21

Thank you QuillBill.

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kittybee Sat 21-Dec-19 09:18:01

If anyone has Poppy, or knows where she is, please know that the family just want her home safely. There will be no questions asked. I believe there is also a small reward for her safe return. If anyone has any information I’m more than happy for people to pm me. Thank you.

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pigsDOfly Sat 21-Dec-19 11:41:53

So sad when a dog goes missing like this. The family must be frantic.

Really hope she's found soon.

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