Healthy treats?

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Grandadwasthatyou Thu 19-Dec-19 20:25:34

Although not a dog owner myself my DS has 2 much loved dogs. I will be joining them for Christmas lunch and just want to take along a little treat for the dogs.

I have recently watched a Canadian documentary on YouTube ( don't know how to link but entitled Toxic dog treats...what's killing so many dogs? produced by CBC News ) where many dogs were falling ill and even dying following them eating treats processed in China.
The packaging was very misleading stating they were healthy, gluten free etc and only in the small print was it mentioned they were made in China.

I have today checked the wording on most of the treats in Wilko and other big supermarkets and they are nearly all made in China.

Suggestions please for genuine healthy treats and chews or even a trusted recipe for home made biscuits!

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TeacupRex Thu 19-Dec-19 20:40:07

JR Pet Products are fantastic - all natural meat products and everything is responsibly sourced in Europe - nothing from China! No rawhide either smile

CMOTDibbler Thu 19-Dec-19 20:42:56

Too late to order them now I think, but I get mine from Treats2Sit4 - its just dried meat, a small business, and my dogs adore them. From Pets at Home or other pet shops, you can get dried sprats which are just whole and dried fish which are very popular with all the dogs I know

Bobstergirl Thu 19-Dec-19 20:50:42

some recipes here

RickOShay Thu 19-Dec-19 20:53:21

You could get them a bone from the butcher. Morrison’s also sell them.

SutterCane Thu 19-Dec-19 21:42:36

Another vote for JR Pet Products. The meat sticks are very popular with my gang and you can get them from Amazon.

LadyGuffers Thu 19-Dec-19 22:20:50

JR pet treats also popular here. As are dried sprats.

I wouldn't buy a bone for someone else's dog tbh. It comes with all sorts of risks for a dog you don't know - behavioural as well as physical. Though for your own dog may well be a great and healthy treat.


Grandadwasthatyou Thu 19-Dec-19 23:23:23

It was indeed too late to order from Treats2sit4, their order book is now closed.
Did however order a nice Xmas stocking from JR Pet products although it didn't say if it would arrive before Xmas or not.
Also going to make some peanut butter biscuits and get some dried sprats from Pets at home.
Thanks everyone, these dogs are going to be thoroughly spoilt by their Grandma!

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MaggieMcGill Fri 20-Dec-19 14:30:34

I made my dog sardine flapjacks and he loves them. 2 or 3 tins of sardines in tomato sauce, mush up boiled sweet potato and add some oats. spread mixture on a baking tray and pop it in the oven and then cut up. There are recipes online but i made my one up. You can keep them in the fridge for a few days or freeze them.

rosesinmygarden Fri 20-Dec-19 14:44:22

Our dog loves liver flapjacks smile

Lambs livers, porridge oats and eggs. Whizzed up and then baked.

Grandadwasthatyou Fri 03-Jan-20 10:10:37

Thought I would add to my own original thread rather than starting a new one as my question is similar to the first one I asked.
Dogs loved their home made biscuits and it was good to know the exact ingredients, as I had made them! Also lovely Xmas stocking from JR Pet products and some sprats.

Today's question.... I found some dental sticks I must have bought a while ago and put away. They are Purina Dentalife sticks and Purina Adventuros sticks.
I can see they are distributed by Nestle Dublin, ,( which should be enough in itself not to have bought them) but cannot find anywhere on the packaging saying where they were actually processed. Have tried to look online but most information is more relevant to the USA.
Do dog snacks and treats not have to say where the food was originally processed/ made as I only want British products?

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