Dog having accidents - help!

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doggynamechange Thu 19-Dec-19 11:15:29

Posting on behalf of my DFather, hoping someone can help smile

He has a Bischon Frise, 18 months old, got him September 2018. By last Christmas puppy was dry in the house, no accidents at all, knew to go to the back door to be let out. My DF is retired, DDog is never left for more than a couple of hours maybe once or twice a week, so is let out as soon as he goes out to the kitchen.

Over the last few weeks there’s accidents all the time in the house (always wet, no poo). Happening maybe once every day, occasionally twice. The other day he left his mark up a basket of clean washing, my DM was not happy! grin

So far it's been put down to him misbehaving but DF is going to call the vet in case of a water infection etc. Any other ideas why he’s regressed? He’s let out regularly, walked 2-3 times a day, has had no traumatic experience.

I’ve included as much info as I can think to but can answer any questions smile


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Ridingthegravytrain Thu 19-Dec-19 11:19:10

I don’t think dogs are capable of doing that kind of thing to misbehave. And usually don’t like to mess in the house. Mine did this on and off for a long time. Ended up being Addison’s disease. I would get some blood tests done (eg electrolyte panel and check kidney function ) and urine sample.

doggynamechange Thu 19-Dec-19 11:21:52

@Ridingthegravytrain thank you so much for the quick reply smile I genuinely have no idea whether or not a dog would do that in a 'being naughty' kind of way. It just seems strange that he's been so good with it for so long and then gone backwards.

A trip to the vet is a good plan then.

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Seaweed42 Thu 19-Dec-19 11:22:07

Make sure the dog is not being fed household scraps with sugar in them. When a dog gets diabetes they can start weeing all over the place like this. They don't usually get diabetes until they are much older though.
It's not bad behaviour, it is bladder incontinence. Bring the dog to the vet.

doggynamechange Thu 19-Dec-19 11:59:12

@Seaweed42 definitely not fed anything in the house, he has his own food only and anything left on the floor from the DGC is cleaned up straight away.

Definitely a trip to the vets in order! Thank you.

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Funf Sun 22-Dec-19 19:10:37

Crate him when you are out.
Keep a close eye to routine.
We rescued an ex show dog many years ago he peed all over the place and after trying all sorts we had his bits cut off which worked.

adaline Tue 24-Dec-19 11:27:25

Is he neutered? It could be a marking behaviour.


Funf Tue 24-Dec-19 20:06:50

Personally and from experience I would talk to a breeder first as I suspect its behavioural? The Vet will just medicate the dog especially of you are insured.

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