Young adult Maltese, not wanting food

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Girlintheframe Wed 18-Dec-19 05:26:55

I would take him back to the vet personally. Not so much because of the non eating as he isint being walked so might be less hungry but not eating coupled with the diarrhoea and not being himself would make me want to get him checked again.
You could try tempting him with something else like chicken or scrambled egg?

xlkhs Tue 17-Dec-19 19:08:19

My Maltese is 1 year old. Usually he eats 4 pouches of wet food per day (2 morning, 2 evening), plus dry food when he feels like it/is extra hungry and also some dog treats. He goes for a walk every day and is lively.

Last week, he had D&V. I took him to the vet (Wednesday) and he had an injection to stop him being sick (which worked) and some probiotics, which he has taken all of. Since then, he has had around half his usual food intake every day and we have not taken him out walking a) because the vet said something viral is going round and b) because he is small, relatively tired and it is freezing cold, although he does have a coat. He has been in the garden. Today, he did not want to eat his wet food, instead he has eaten a couple of little bone treats. Last time he pooed, it was alright to start with but then some diahorrea. He hasn't pooed today as he has eaten only the two little bone biscuit treats.

He seems to be roughly himself, barking at doorbell etc and has a quiet version of his usual personality but he seems to want to rest on the sofa loads. I expected him to be better by now, although he hasn't ever been ill before so I have no experience of this. He is drinking enough to pee, but again decreased frequency.

Should I take him back to the vet and what could be wrong with him? He is a scavenger and his face is right by the ground, atlhough we watch him really, really carefully when out. Any advice appreciated.

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