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needmoresleep1 Tue 17-Dec-19 18:29:29

We are potentially being given a lovely 6/7 month old dog the only problem is that that he has an undescended testicle, we would obviously get him castrated but are there any other issues attached to this?

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Dreamersandwishers Tue 17-Dec-19 19:16:46

Hi @needmoresleep1; not a vet but had a similar diagnosis with my pup a few years ago and the vet strongly advised removing the undescended testicle as it can become cancerous.
In this case it meant opening the abdomen and fishing around for it , only to learn that actually it was in the scrotum just attached to its neighbour.
It wasn’t an expensive op but given the fishing around it was a big scar and a longish recovery and I was 🤬. He’s absolutely fine now though.
So I would have a chat with a trusted vet before I committed.

needmoresleep1 Tue 17-Dec-19 19:31:33

Thank you for your reply!
That's not good that your dog had to have such a big operation!!

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fancybiccies Tue 17-Dec-19 19:43:35

Our old dog had this issue.
The operation shocked me. It looked like they butchered him. He penis was cut all the way along, and half way up his stomach.
After recovery he had no further problems though!

needmoresleep1 Tue 17-Dec-19 19:59:38

That's great thank you! I had read about them having to dig around a bit more, but as long as that's it and no other problems then that's fine 😊

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yetwig Wed 18-Dec-19 13:12:02

Just had my boy neutered and they found the hidden testical near his kidney, after 4 weeks he's back to running around like a loon 🙂 we waited until he was 20 months and mature enough to be neutered, vets happy with this 🙂 cost was £300 in the end.

Bobstergirl Wed 18-Dec-19 13:43:26

Depending on your insurance they may pay for having undescended testicles removed.


needmoresleep1 Wed 18-Dec-19 18:51:00

Thank you everyone

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Itsjustmee Mon 30-Dec-19 23:30:35

Our dog had that but it descended when he was about 10 months
His name oneball ( Wunbull) 😂

Catsrus Tue 31-Dec-19 01:04:28

Just a thought @needmoresleep1 - re insurance.

I took on a dog this year, 6 months old, after a family member died. He was insured with petplan and she'd paid the year in Advance. Because he was being transferred to me with no money changing hands petplan simply transferred the insurance over to me. If I'd bought him I would have needed a new policy.

Check if this is possible for your dog - the undescended testicle is a pre existing condition so wouldn't be covered by a new policy, but might be covered if he's on an existing policy.

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