Suspected gastroenteritis

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BiteyShark Tue 17-Dec-19 18:07:00

Haven't had that issue but our dog has been admitted previously for many days with D&V which turned out to be a chronic stomach condition.

It's awful when they are poorly, especially when you have to leave them behind at the vets.

Hope your dog starts to improve.

jumper1234 Tue 17-Dec-19 16:39:21

Ah help dog ate a raw (potentially bad) meat yesterday that I'd put on the side. Been throwing up and diarrhoea since this am. been vets who have given him some injections plus some powder and some tablets to help ease him but say if he's not better in two hours I'll need to take him to out of hours for an overnight drip. Feel awful please tell me you've had a dog get through this

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