Labrador stomach cancer

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Notasyoungasiwas Sun 15-Dec-19 21:45:38

Our nine year old lab has been diagnosed with gastric carcinoma with abdominal lymph node metastasis. We are heartbroken. He is home with us now and we are making him feel loved and comfortable. I'm told that he will give me 'the look' when it's time but I'm terrified I won't know. He isn't in pain which is the main thing but I just don't want him to starve and waste away. Think I need a huge hand hold as well as advice please.

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Silencedwitness Mon 16-Dec-19 05:54:18

Oh no. I’m so sorry. No advice but here with hand hold.

BiteyShark Mon 16-Dec-19 05:58:37

So sorry thanks.

As for knowing I would write down all the things he loves doing so you can tell when he isn't doing them anymore but don't wait until all of them have gone iykwim.

Lots of cuddles for both of you thanks

Twooter Mon 16-Dec-19 06:00:43

I’m so sorry. How is he doing? Is he still eating?

toria658 Mon 16-Dec-19 06:20:35

I’m so sorry, it is heartbreaking for everyone flowers

They do give you signs, they have a look and a listlessness which is hard to describe.

One thing that may help ( well, helped with my lab who had more or less the same health issue) is feeding more aromatic foods, such as fish, oily fish and cooked steak. ( pls check with a vet, as am just a dog owner NOT a professional)

Please be gentle on you, trust yourself. flowers for you, your family and your handsome boy.

Dreamersandwishers Mon 16-Dec-19 07:31:27

So sorry to hear the @Notasyoungasiwas, that’s way too young for you to be ready to say goodbye.
Some nice suggestions from PPs ; nothing to add other than just love & enjoy him as much as you can .
Handhold and 💐🦴

villainousbroodmare Mon 16-Dec-19 16:53:13

I'm a vet. I always try to warn owners of labradors with painful conditions that because their dogs are so stoic, so cheerful and so keen on their food, that it requires a bit of insight to really assess their comfort. If in doubt, sooner, not later. Hugs.


Notasyoungasiwas Tue 17-Dec-19 07:06:55

Thank you for your comments everyone. No, he's not really eating - having the odd biscuit. He has lost a lot of weight but still seems happy. I read that a major sign will be when he gives up greeting you? It's so difficult

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Blueuggboots Tue 17-Dec-19 07:09:05

Although our dog had long term health issues different from yours, she did have a look.
She looked sad. She looked tired.
I'm so sorry for the sad news.
So many people say try waited too long in hindsight. That played on our minds with our poorly girl.

Veterinari Tue 17-Dec-19 07:12:22

You know him and know all the things he enjoys. So think about how many of these things he can do.

It sounds brutal but he will die - no one can control that - however you can control how he dies - where, when and at what stage., so difficult though it must be, have a think about how you’d like to manage it.

Generally we’d aim to try and perform euthanasia in the time after diagnosis and when decline is obvious but before a pet starts to suffer. You want his last day to be a good one.

Ihavethefinalsleigh Tue 17-Dec-19 07:14:03

When my golden retriever had cancer, the vet said bring her to be put to sleep when she goes off her food. This is what happened and it felt exactly the right time. I was utterly heartbroken, my heart goes out to you @Notasyoungasiwas 💐😘

Notasyoungasiwas Tue 17-Dec-19 11:32:19

Was your golden retriever still walking and happy?

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Ihavethefinalsleigh Tue 17-Dec-19 12:31:05

She was pretty much okay and always happy. The vet said that the very best way to tell that she'd had enough was when she stopped eating.

Notasyoungasiwas Wed 18-Dec-19 08:37:54

I have had recommendations for a wonderful end of life vet that comes to your home. I have left a message with her to see if she can come and assess our boy today.

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TheFaerieQueene Wed 18-Dec-19 08:40:13


Distinctlackofimagination Wed 18-Dec-19 08:50:47

I'm so sorry, my lovely Labrador passed away yesterday. You will know. He refused a freshly cooked steak! He laid in his bed and he knew I was there. I cuddled him and stroked his silky, still puppy soft ears as he fell asleep surrounded by his people. If you can, ask the vet to come to your house. I am so lucky as my daughter is a Vet. My heart is broken but I am comforted knowing he didn't suffer. I wish the same for you. Just remember the happy times you had together.

Dreamersandwishers Wed 18-Dec-19 12:45:37

@Distinctlackofimagination 💐and handhold for you.

Notasyoungasiwas Wed 18-Dec-19 15:38:01

Bless you - thank you for your lovely words. The vet is coming to our home tomorrow evening. thanks for you xx

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spiderlight Thu 19-Dec-19 12:53:54

So sorry flowers Thinking of you and your lovely boy.

Notasyoungasiwas Thu 19-Dec-19 13:39:42

We are having the best day. Lots of cuddles in bed this morning and he's getting lots of love from all the family. I'm clock watching a bit which I'm really trying not to do (vet is coming at 5.30)

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Cluelessbeetroot Thu 19-Dec-19 16:31:23

thinking of you @Notasyoungasiwas
Hopefully I will have my boy for another good few years but I have always said that when the time will come, I will take comfort in knowing he couldn't have been more loved, spoiled and adored - so try to think along these lines if you can.

Notasyoungasiwas Thu 19-Dec-19 19:45:11

Hi all - the vet came this evening and our boy is now at peace. We had so much time with him, before and after, and his brother was there too. We have sobbed and sobbed tonight but it is such a relief and comfort to know that he is no longer suffering. Thank you all for your kind words and support

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Ihavethefinalsleigh Thu 19-Dec-19 23:50:44

So sorry @Notasyoungasiwas 💐

TheFaerieQueene Thu 19-Dec-19 23:55:51

I’m so sorry. 💐

dinello Fri 20-Dec-19 00:04:45

So sorry for your loss. You did the kindest thing for him and he will be so thankful for all the love you gave him and the dignity you allowed him to give him peace. Thinking of you.

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