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SueDoeName Sun 15-Dec-19 19:53:54

I have a large dog of 6 who lost his little pal a good 5 years ago.

Recently he's been through some upheaval and I thought a pal would be good for him.

I'm taking a little puppy from a friends accidental litter but he will be a small dog

I will supervise closely and pup will be crated when I'm not around.

It's been so long tho since I've had a puppy! My big lad sleeps on my bedroom floor as since a relationship breakdown he's been clingy, I live on one floor now so he's got away with it as no stairs!

The dogs will have their own room for when I'm not here - where should I put the pup crate? At min it's in their designated room (flooring picked for accidents!)
But I spend most time in lounge (carpeted) tho it's a flat so all in one level anyway but door to garden is in doggy designated room .

Where should he go to start with?

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Mon 16-Dec-19 17:57:34

A lot depends on how your existing dog reacts to the puppy. Personally, if he's okay with it, keep them together as much as is feasible (or until either if them needs a break). Our last puppy was left overnight, uncrated, with two older dogs from the word go.

SueDoeName Mon 16-Dec-19 18:02:21

Ok thanks I just worry as pup is teeny and existing dog is a whopping 8stone and I worry about him accidentally laying on him

He's super friendly but still sits on my knee

I've moved the crate to lounge but it's a liong way from back door and garden..... not sure how to house train !

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Winterdaysarehere Mon 16-Dec-19 18:08:50

Our big ddog loved our new dpuppy!!
Shared a big floor cushion from day 1.
Still besties 6 years on!!

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