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FacesLookUgly Mon 16-Dec-19 10:29:06

We got some nice material and made up a simple crate cover for ours so that it didn't look so 'cagey' in the house.

OrchidFlakes Mon 16-Dec-19 10:02:45

Thank you! I have a crate coming tomorrow DH saw the cupboard and suggested it as he’s seen some of the crate furniture stuff hmm She’ll have her snugly crate as I’d planned

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Scattyhattie Mon 16-Dec-19 09:35:17

I have seen some crate furniture though its often more suited to adult dogs as more prone to chewing, pups are going to have accidents but even adult dogs vomit or have explosive diarrhoea occasionally so definitely needs to be easy clean.
I don't think the darkness is so much of an issue as dogs often prefer crates covered to be more den like.

Imagine if look on pinterest will be a bunch of ideas/furniture hacks though something that surrounds a normal crate like a table to make functional is safer.

Wolfiefan Mon 16-Dec-19 06:08:58

Erm. No.
You want to shut the pup in a cupboard?shock

yellowmelon Mon 16-Dec-19 06:01:32

As pp has said, this could be really dangerous - you need to choose between a potential mouth full of splinters or a more 'stylish' crate.

BiteyShark Mon 16-Dec-19 05:59:06

God no, I wouldn't use that shock

Girlintheframe Mon 16-Dec-19 05:58:14

Personally I wouldn't put a pup in there. That space looks really dark. Crates obviously let in lots of light.
Also being made of wood pup could scratch,chew,get splinters in paws/mouth etc. If pup was to wee in there it would soak into the wood and stink.
IMO you would be much better off and safer to pup to buy an actual crate!


OrchidFlakes Sun 15-Dec-19 19:33:42

Our new puppy is due to us in the next week and I’ve ordered a crate for her as we intend to crate train but I just wondered if we could use something like this unit instead? I’ve seen some ‘furniture’ style crates and wondered if this could work too assuming it was size appropriate.

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