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Chancey1982 Fri 13-Dec-19 22:27:22

Put the Christmas tree up super early, have a few presents under the tree including presents for mine and for my brothers dog. Chews, toys etc.. In all this time my dog has shown no interest (My previous dog would have been straight in there) he's alone in the house for short periods often and hasn't investigated so I thought we were safe.
Tonight I'm sat watching tv quietly while the kids are with their dad when suddenly he runs across the room, rummages under the tree, grabs a present and opens it very enthusiastically. A pair of gloves intended for my mum.. he was so pleased with himself!

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SantaBeckett Sat 14-Dec-19 02:22:25

I think he thinks he was been a good boy and waiting to be told he can have his gift but a dog can only wait so long y'know grin
I think he will be chuffed with the gloves the pavements are cold , the only problem is which paws to put them on confused grin

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