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Does anyone have a Hurtta rain blocker dog coat?

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Breathlessness Tue 10-Dec-19 15:21:14

Like this? How is the sizing? Are they good? My dog seems to have a very long back for the neck/chest measurements and I’m not sure if I should go for the 50 or 55cm size.

I really want a coat that stays on well (this has front leg ‘sleeves’) while leaving the back free (she hates anything fitted near her bits and waddle walks hmm )

Has anyone got any other suggestions for good rainproof coats? She’s one for tearing through the bushes after squirrels so nothing that might end up with her stuck on a sapling or is easily torn by thorns please.

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Bobstergirl Tue 10-Dec-19 17:22:03

We used it on our dogs in the Scottish Highlands snow weather to stop fur balls. It kept the dogs dry in the places that it covers.

I am not sure if it would stand up to being dragged through the bushes though.

Sizing was generous and we went down a size if in between eg 24" fitted our 25" dog.

It was easy to put on as the dogs just stepped into it.

Our guys run around a lot and I it would be hot in normal conditions - you also have a very wet coat to dry rather than a wet dog so all in all I would not use it just for a wet day.

Breathlessness Tue 10-Dec-19 17:28:55

Thanks. It would be for the worst weather - days when it’s driving rain and strong winds or snow.

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