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Lazy puppy

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sarah8484 Mon 09-Dec-19 20:54:44

I have a 3 month old puppy, had him a little over a month and he is so lazy with toilet training! Weeing and pooing where and when ever he wants. Ive tried taking him outside he plays outside for ages, wont wee or poo outside but the second he comes in does his business on the floor. He won't do anything on walks, on puppy pads no where but the floor! He knows when he's done wrong because his ears go back and he sends himself to bed looking so guilty. Help please!

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StillMedusa Mon 09-Dec-19 23:09:42

He doesn't know he's done wrong... he just knows you are cross (hence the slinking off poor thing) but not why..a 3 month old puppy doesn't have the capacity for guilt!

If he's not getting it right it's because you aren't...sorry but it's true.
First, ditch the puppy pads.. they do nothing to help puppies train (except for some, to teach them to go indoors..not what you want)

Instead, you need to take him out every 20 mins. As soon as he wakes from a nap, straight after food, straight after playing, basically constantly. If he hasn't peed /pooed in 10 mins, bring him in,but keep him in your arms or on a lead and the second he starts to circle for a place to go..carry him out again. Repeat as often as needed..lots!

Join the FB group 'Dog Training Advice and Support' all the info you need is in the puppy files.

But don't blame the puppy.. he is not doing it deliberately, he simply doesn't yet understand what you want him to do or that outside is the place to go.

Get warm boots and a thick coat and be prepared to be outside a LOT!

BiteyShark Tue 10-Dec-19 06:02:04

Ditch the puppy pads as PP said as all you are doing is teaching him it's ok to go inside. Yes some people swear by puppy pads but your puppy is just confused by them.

The PP advice is spot on. You need to be taking puppy out after every meal, drink, play, sleep and frequently inbetween. You may think you are always outside but the aim is to minimise accidents inside and when you are outside with the puppy you praise them like mad when they do pee or poo. You can also give them a command when they go so they start to associate that command with you wanting them to toilet.

If he is playing outside put him on a lead until he toilets so he isn't distracted.

Clean up accidents inside with special cleaner so there is no encouragement to go inside (which is why I didn't use puppy pads as what's the difference to them about inside on a pad or inside on your mat).

He isn't guilty. He is just worried about your response because you haven't taught him yet where he needs to go. It takes time and amazes me when people think they should be toilet trained in a few weeks. It's about being consistent with lots of praise outside when they do it right.

SilentTights Tue 10-Dec-19 16:47:56

Yep - what these two smart PPs said.

sarah8484 Tue 10-Dec-19 17:58:10

Thanks everyone smile

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Silverstreaks Wed 11-Dec-19 11:00:52

Puppy pads are a confusion, just get rid of them.
Have a dedicated patch of grass or pavement in your garden and a dedicated phrase for what you want your puppy to do. Without fail take puppy out straight after eating, as soon as they wake up, after vigorous play etc. Take them to the spot and stay there and use the phrase until it happens. Sometimes it can take a while.
Give a treat straight away. Give high praise. Repeat until puppy cracks it. Get up during the night too. It's boring but it works.

pigsDOfly Wed 11-Dec-19 13:16:32

Very good advice from pps, just follow that and you will be fine.

I would just add, do not get cross with him however many times he pees or poos on your floors. If you have in the past that would be why he takes himself off.

House training a puppy can take many months and he won't get it until he gets it.

You just have to keep plodding on with it until he does. And he will eventually.

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