Puppy not eating

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namechanged984630 Sun 08-Dec-19 09:17:43

Am quite worried about my five month old retriever puppy.

She woke up two weeks ago and refused her dry food. Was very surprised but it quickly became clear she was ill - she had diarrhoea maybe six times, vomited once. She would take treats but not food. Went to the vets and got the probiotic paste and went back to normal.

She was eating normally for about four days (just kibble, no treats to try and get her right) but the last few she has been refusing her kibble, especially in the mornings, but sometimes all day. She's lively and her poos are solid and she will eat treats, just not kibble. Any ideas? Should I switch her food?

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BiteyShark Sun 08-Dec-19 09:21:44

Kibble is very boring if you think about it so I totally understand why dogs prefer other foods.

I find there are two different approaches. The first is that dogs will eventually eat when hungry so ride it out. The second is find a food that your dogs loves.

We moved onto wet for different reasons (more easily digestible) but it was also obvious it was much more exciting in terms of smells and tastes for my dog. We even swop flavours everyday as I think it must be boring to have the same food everyday.

StillMedusa Mon 09-Dec-19 01:26:59

Miy puppy refuses kibble..pretty sure she thinks it's boring, even the most expensive (orijen) stuff!
BUT... if I nuke a bit of cheap mince and add it (let it cool for a few mins) on top... she eats the lot!
I part raw feed, but for convenience mine has kibble with a bit of mince in the mornings and raw in the evenings. I vary the raw and it stops her getting bored with her food.
Some dogs simply won't tolerate a boring diet... mine WILL hold out on me!

BiteyShark Mon 09-Dec-19 06:11:32

* mine WILL hold out on me!*

Mine as well and when he was underweight it wasn't something I was prepared to 'win'. He happily eats wet food as long as it's got big meaty chunks to it and isn't mush.

SilentTights Mon 09-Dec-19 08:55:47

I think lots of young (teenage) dogs go through a picky eater stage but it may also be that she has somehow linked her food with feeling unwell.

I would add tastier additions for a few weeks and see if you can't gently help her thorugh it - you can always try slowly reducing them again later if you're against continuing with that for life. But I agree dry kibble is a bit too dull for many dogs.

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