Raw bones (uncooked from butcher)

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Bayleaf25 Sat 07-Dec-19 21:20:56

Quick question about fresh uncooked bones (from the butcher) please. There seems to be plenty of conflicting advice about whether to give raw bones to puppies or not? Benefits seem to be good for teething/oral hygiene/chewing etc.

Although there seems to be just as much information saying raw bones shouldn’t be given due to the risk of splintering and dogs ingesting something they shouldn’t?

I’m just wondering what the general consensus here is? Puppy is currently 14 weeks. Thanks everyone. X

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PlatinumBrunette Sat 07-Dec-19 21:25:05

What sort of bones? No pork.
My pup had chicken wings and carcasses from a very young age. They're fine! So good for them.
I'm sure I've read somewhere that heavy load bearing bones aren't wise.

Bayleaf25 Sat 07-Dec-19 22:13:56

Lamb, Beef or chicken bones? I’m not sure which are advised and which aren’t? I assumed big juicy bones would be good but maybe they are the load bearing bones?

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Tortitude Sun 08-Dec-19 00:05:13

No weight bearing bones as they can crack their teeth on them. Nutriment raw food company say to feed chicken wing tips and chicken necks for small puppies or chicken wings for puppies and small dogs. There are so many other kind of raw chews you can buy too from raw food companies, check out some of the websites for ideas. smile

ClientListQueen Sun 08-Dec-19 00:54:42

I don't have a dog but my cat gets raw chicken wings so I would guess they would be a better size? He has one tooth and still manages to crunch his way through them!

StillMedusa Sun 08-Dec-19 01:03:49

My puppy loves raw chicken wing tips and the odd chicken neck. So much so that she runs off with them to the garden so she can roll them around in the grass a bit for extra flavour grin She's had them from 12 weeks (now 7 months nearly)

I don't do the big bones..tried once and she wasn't keen!

Spidey66 Mon 09-Dec-19 10:23:20

Mine loves lamb bones.


fastliving Tue 10-Dec-19 06:58:01

So can you give a dog raw chicken thigh or drumstick bones?

sillysmiles Wed 11-Dec-19 10:17:59

Why no pork bones?

PlatinumBrunette Wed 11-Dec-19 10:24:38

Pork has a possible parasite issue - the jury’s out though. Something called trichinosis. Also tapeworm. It’s the only meat I cook for my dog, just in case. smartdogowners.com/raw-pork-and-raw-pork-bones/

Silverstreaks Wed 11-Dec-19 10:53:31

Chicken bones will be the easiest for a puppy to chew. Chicken wings especially.
After that lamb bones are pretty easy for most dogs.
I'd avoid beef bones unless your dog is large. They are just too hard for the average dog.
Raw bones only don't ever give cooked bones they splinter.

Bayleaf25 Wed 11-Dec-19 12:29:19

Thanks everyone

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