Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

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Neron Sat 07-Dec-19 09:28:32

Just wondering who else has/had a dog going through this and could offer some advice please.

My beautiful boy is on 10mg of selgian. Originally started to work, now not so much. He's only been on it 6 weeks but it seems the CCG is further on than the vet thought.

He barks constantly, never settles and is restless - climbs all over us, up and down from the sofa/in and out of his bed/general wandering around. He will follow us everywhere. He has a thing about doors right now, opening and shutting them. Has got stuck a few times under the bed or in rooms but yesterday managed to get stuck in the bathroom when we wasn't there and destroyed the room trying to get out. He also messed himself in there. He 'flips' things with his nose - lifts bits up then they fall. Way more anxious than normal and was scared of fireworks and loud bangs for the first time in his 11 year life. Also worrying us for food and treats. We used to shut him in the dining room with a baby gate to protect him, but he now panics about it and managed to escape and will only continue to do so.

Appreciate this is very long. His health history is vast, such a sick note but I blooming love this boy but feel ashamed this behaviour does test our patience. It's really hard

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sat 07-Dec-19 09:59:23

Do you feel that your dog is still happy and enjoying life? It sounds from your post as if he is constantly stressed and worried, which is no life for him.

Are there any alternative treatments that you can speak to your vet about?

Neron Sat 07-Dec-19 12:29:02

He's still happy enough, he wants to out for walks still, excited to see us and other people etc.
Vet wants us to carry on with selgian for 2 more weeks then we're back in to see him

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Veterinari Sat 07-Dec-19 19:00:43

Yes continue selgian but also consider a behavioural referral - he may do better with a programme and meds for generalised anxiety

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