What type of dog is this?

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MrsTumbletap Fri 06-Dec-19 22:26:21

Does anyone know?

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Hollycumpooster Fri 06-Dec-19 22:27:14

Papillon puppy?

Chinainmyhand Fri 06-Dec-19 22:27:51

A Papillion? But from another thread I'm going German Shepherd wink

UrsulaPandress Fri 06-Dec-19 22:28:26


Chinainmyhand Fri 06-Dec-19 22:28:39

X post. I'm fairly certain Papillion. I believe it translates as butterfly ears.

Loveislandaddict Fri 06-Dec-19 22:33:03

Very sweet, whatever she is.

StandardPoodles Fri 06-Dec-19 22:33:08

Aww, so cute. Papillons are amazing! So clever and agile.


MrsTumbletap Fri 06-Dec-19 22:37:31

Ah papillon! Yes I remember it now from watching crufts. I knew I liked them when I watched that.

I am trying to narrow down the breed I want, I love cavalier King Charles, Lhasa apso and now these!

Can't decide which one..........

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fastliving Sat 07-Dec-19 06:15:03

If you can't decide try to pick the healthiest breed....King Charles are notoriously know for heart/brain problems (I think) and I know of one owner who spent a fortune in her dog, it was permanently on steroids and very over weight.

I would put the details of each breed into a pet health insurance company and compare the premiums....this will tell you which breed is the healthiest.

Proportionally papillons look well bred, and I think they are a sweet active breed.

MaitlandGirl Sat 07-Dec-19 06:53:02

I’ve got 3 papillons and they’re basically cats with attitude in a dogs body.

So much fun, very healthy (only issues are the generalised toy breed not great teeth, but most breeders also do genetic testing for other diseases) and can live up to 19 years without too many problems.

De-sexing messes up their coats and means they need daily brushing, rather than weekly but they don’t need extensive grooming. I trim the pants and stomach fringing on mine and close cut the feet to shape them and that’s it.

I love them and wouldn’t ever get a different toy breed.

MaitlandGirl Sat 07-Dec-19 06:58:12

You can also get the Phalene (moth) which have the droop ears, rather than the prick ears of the Papillon (butterfly).

This is Miss Finty, she’s the Mum to my black/white papillon Franklin.

MrsTumbletap Wed 11-Dec-19 20:42:54

@MaitlandGirl thank you, you obviously know this breed. Can you explain a bit more about them being like cats? Are they a bit moody? Independent?

I don't know their nature at all.

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MaitlandGirl Wed 11-Dec-19 21:51:27

They love to climb things, the youngest one is currently lying on the back of the sofa, curled up around my neck.

They love to stalk flies, birds, lizards and wild rabbits. They don’t hurt them but they stalk them exactly like a cat does. Poor Franklin cries every time the fly he’s playing with dies. They bat at their toys exactly like a cat does.

They’re very bright. Our oldest one (we have 3) has 4 meals a day and it took the youngest less than a day to work out which alarm means dog food time. They’re very easy to train but need a lot of mental stimulation as they can get bored easily. With the size of them they’re very suited to treat balls and a mini Kong will keep ours busy for hours. Ours are also very happy with dog treats inside a folded up toilet roll tube so they don’t need expensive activities / toys.

They don’t have the traditional doggy odour and they don’t need bathing every time they get muddy. The mud just flakes off when its dry and they’re back to being crisp white again.

The girls are quite bold and independent but the boys are very soppy. Our bitch will happily head out into the dark at the bottom of the garden but the boys stay close to us and the light on the patio.

I’ve had some of the best ‘stink eyes’ ever from the papillons, usually because I’ve told them it’s time to wake up to go to bed.

They’re such fun little dogs, full of character and great to play with. The cat like attributes comes from the way they play, the way they rub against your legs to scent mark you when you get home and the way they love to climb. The way they move is more cat than dog sometimes as well.

The boys are very affectionate, they love to be near us and will snuggle into your side when you’re sitting down or lean against you in bed. The girls are much happier lying where they can still see you but with their own space.

I really love this little breed and won’t ever be without them - even if the little sods do take up too much room on the bed and keep stealing hay off the rabbits.

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