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Established 'pack' and a rescue yeah or ney?

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Winterdaysarehere Fri 06-Dec-19 15:28:06

Sadly our oldest ddog is likely not going to be with us much longer I suspect.
We have 4 ddogs. All get along better than I ever imagined.
What happens when ddog 1 is gone? A space I fear I will want to fill... All the rescues and a loving hole available...
Ddog 2+4 I am sure will be fine, ddog 3 is quite selective in who she likes.
Had 3 from a puppy. 1 an ex working ddog I have known all it's life though not in our home long (2 years).
Dpuppy or rescue adult?
Can it work? Can you put trust in an unknown ddog to be around your dc?
I feel out of my depth as an owner. I want to recycle!! Is it fair?
Doing the dpuppy stage isn't an awful idea but feels irresponsible when so many dumped dogs need 'the hole'!!
Maybe my age and I should stick to 3?
Menopause =Manypaws is def a thing!

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TheLittleBrownFox Fri 06-Dec-19 19:17:17

Manypaws grin

I'd fill the gap with a rescue. Decent charity should be able to match the right dog with you fsmile

Winterdaysarehere Fri 06-Dec-19 20:19:46

My ds sent me this...

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adaline Fri 06-Dec-19 21:51:17

Plenty of puppies in rescue after Christmas...

Lizzieee2727 Sat 07-Dec-19 04:46:03

I don't think any dog can be 100% trusted around a child unsupervised. We've got 2 rescue girls and I'll be having our baby sometime in the next month. Though our dogs have met (and been fine with) babies, toddlers and children they're still animals
I will say, our dogs are ridiculously soppy and affectionate to pretty much anyone giving them a fuss, attention and/or treats... Some rescues won't place dogs with young children, not because the dogs are aggressive but because they don't know the history so are cautious to say yes. We adopted one in the January and then the second in September, they took a couple of weeks to get used to each other and decide who was top dog but now it's lie they've always been part of the family.

fastliving Sat 07-Dec-19 06:20:04

It's strange you don't feel you are a confident dog owner if you have 4 dogs?
Are they all neutered?
What breeds are they? Is there no 'under dog' at present?
If you want another dog, 100% should be a rescue.
I'm am sure a good rescue would let your dogs meet and mixed with a new potential dog?
Trusting a dog with a child? No dog, new or otherwise is completely trust worthy. Never leave any dog alone with a child, teenager etc should be fine as long as the dog isn't a big/powerful dog or a dangerous breed.

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