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I’m so worried about my son/dog.

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Karcheer Wed 04-Dec-19 17:56:30

My dog is the love of my life.

About a week ago he hurt himself trying to jump on the bed for our normal morning cuddle, I took him to the vet who couldn’t pinpoint if it was his hip, lower spine or knee, she gave me some metacam and I’ve been keeping him quiet, each day he seemed to get a bit better then on Sunday he seemed to go back to being less active, the main issue is now not jumping on furniture and getting up the stairs going from left to right...
Anyway today he went in for an X-ray and had a pre-op liver function test, one of the enzymes came back raised, which may according to the vet be down to him having cortavance four days ago, he has it topically from time to time due to ear infections. His X-ray came back showing his right hip socket isn’t as defined as it should be and may need a hip replacement when he gets older and an inflamed bit on his spine.
He now needs rest and more metacam and back to the vet in two weeks.

I’m so worried.

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Dreamersandwishers Wed 04-Dec-19 19:30:20

Sorry to hear your boy is struggling. It’s heartbreaking when you know they are not themselves.
I am guessing he’s on rest and gentle exercise ? Hopefully he will heal naturally.
You don’5 say how old he is, but lots of dogs have hip ops and do really well. They really are resilient little creatures.
Big hugs from me & my two. Gentle cuddles needed for both of you, I think.💐

Karcheer Wed 04-Dec-19 20:29:23

Thank you, he is a 6 year old cocker.

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