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Rubber broom - why didn't I think of this before?!

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Mishfit0819 Wed 04-Dec-19 11:13:47

Just wanted to share for anyone who also struggles with fur & carpets..and dogs who don't like the hoover (all of them?)

Rubber brooms are a gamechanger! Can't believe I didn't think of this earlier, sorry if it's common sense for some blush

My carpets look lovely, fur free and as fluffy as new..much better than my £££ vacuum especially for pet hair. Plus my pup isn't stressed out by it, so much easier all round!

Any other mucky pup cleaning hacks?

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CarolJones342 Wed 04-Dec-19 13:06:51

I’d never thought of that either, but I guess it makes sense - it’s the same concept as wiping the sofa with rubber gloves which has been working well for us for many years! What a super idea! My dogs love the vacuum, we have a dog brush attachment for ours and ddogs adore it grin

The only other tip I can think of is that we always add a scoop of baking soda to the detergent section and a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to the softener section of the washer when washing their beds and bedding. They come out smelling fresher than fresh and I like to think it calms them a little (with spaniels we need all the help we can get!).

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