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Dog friendly self catering - luxury?!

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shopsalot Tue 03-Dec-19 18:30:20

Now I have a dog I am rethinking my summer holiday ideas. I am thinking of staying in the uk and doing self catering. Aside from the fact that I am probably too late for the really good places - I would like somewhere that will feel like I've had a holiday so a little bit luxurious, if that is possible in dog friendly accommodation. Or the perfect location (like on a beach, walking distance from pubs, cafes etc but no neighbours) would be great.

Any recommendations?? Or should I post in travel section?

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talia66 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:40:38

I recently went to the new forest. It was so lovely and very dog friendly. Most of the pubs are dog friendly. There are lovely walks. You can take the dog to Beaulieu motor museum - the grounds are lovely - my husband went into the museum and I walked the dog around the beautiful grounds. We did lovely trails in the new forest, visited Poole harbour and had a lovely day in Bournemouth and lots of walks along the cliffs and chimes.
I found the area very dog friendly x

Girlintheframe Wed 04-Dec-19 04:16:46

We stayed here

Was stunning and dog loved it too. Lots of walks, gorgeous beaches, local dog friendly coffee house.

QueenOfOversharing Wed 04-Dec-19 04:26:39

I posted about a getaway with my 2 dogs & someone suggested Coastal Retreats as being a bit more upmarket. They might have somewhere suitable. If you want to go quirky try Canopy & Stars.

shopsalot Wed 04-Dec-19 23:07:12

Thanks all!

I have New Forest on the list - we have a camper van and I had found a nice campsite but that was pre-puppy. Not sure I can cope with camping and a puppy / dog for more than a few days. Did you stay anywhere nice that you can recommend @talia66?

Wow, that looks amazing Girlintheframe - beautiful views! I would love to go somewhere like that - just need to plan how to get there as I'm down in the south west so would be a few hours.....

Coastal Retreats also looks promising - although again a long way away but I think I may have to do a tour. I would love to visit Northumberland. I have stayed with Canopy & Stars before - very nice glamping but think I need more luxury (and a proper roof) than glamping! My last 2 summer holidays were camping (van & tent) in France so I would like a little more luxury - like a dishwasher - next summer.

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DartmoorChef Wed 04-Dec-19 23:17:21

I work at holiday rentals as a private chef to guests and almost all the ones I go to are dog friendly. Blue-chip holidays are on of the companies that my guests rent through.

DartmoorChef Wed 04-Dec-19 23:19:38 I worked here recently and there were 3 dogs helping us 😂

shopsalot Thu 05-Dec-19 21:05:34

I would so love a holiday with a private chef!

Thanks for the info - will do some browsing although looking at some of their availability, I'm going to have to book summer 2021 now.

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LottaHogs Fri 06-Dec-19 07:03:03

All completely dog friendly in Norfolk.

DartmoorChef Fri 06-Dec-19 15:20:37

You can hire me if you are coming to the southwest. I bring the food, cook it, serve it, and do the washing up. grin

It's actually becoming a very popular thing to do as no babysitters/petsitters required, you don't pay extortionate alcohol prices, and no need to get a taxi or have a designated driver.

And you get fine dining for a lot less than it would cost in the top restaurants.

shopsalot Wed 11-Dec-19 20:27:29

@DartmoorChef Those dishes look amazing! I live in the South West so will definitely PM you if we head there (assume Dartmoor / North Devon from your user name / previous post??).

Looks like I'll need to head to the East of the country as well - Norfolk and Northumberland - both appeal but a few hours away. Still for a nice property and nice beaches it would be worth it.

Thanks for the recommendations!

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CherryPavlova Wed 11-Dec-19 20:32:08

Soar mill cove hotel ocean view lodges. Lovely.

DartmoorChef Wed 11-Dec-19 20:43:43

Please do pm me. I work anywhere in the south west 😊

shopsalot Wed 11-Dec-19 21:57:47

Soar Mill Cove looks perfect! Thanks @CherryPavlova

And Soar Mill Cove is in the south west @DartmoorChef - will just need to check my budget as it's not cheap....!

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CherryPavlova Wed 11-Dec-19 22:02:59

There’s lovely places to eat locally but hotel food is good too.
Along coast path is a shack on coast path that is a very good Iunch stop. Thurlstone, way, I think.

DartmoorChef. Can you pm me your website details. We are in SW quite a lot as daughter is at Exeter.

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