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Hypothetical question..xmas visiting dog and my girl puppy.

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StillMedusa Sun 01-Dec-19 19:30:17

My puppy is 6.5 months, so it is possible she could come into season soon, although I am hoping as she is a medium/larger breed, she still has a while to go.
I have my brother and his dog (1 year old intact boy) coming for a couple of days over Xmas.

If the worst happens is it possible to keep them separated? It would be miserable but my brother is pretty adamant hes coming regardless (and has no alternative dog care)

Hopefuly it won't happen but I am really concerned in advance!

(and yes my girl will be spayed but not until she has had two seasons/or is 18m for growth reasons)

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Dreamersandwishers Sun 01-Dec-19 19:41:52

I would think it would depend on how driven the male is & it could be done but could be unpleasant. By which I mean, male howling to tell bitch to come find him ( have had that ) .
Speak to your vet. He/she may be able to advise on likelihood given your dog & her breed.
Your brother sounds very selfish & ignorant. It’s not a good idea to stress two young dogs with such issues and you sure as heck don’t want a 7 month bitch having puppies.

adaline Sun 01-Dec-19 19:56:02

I don't think your brother should come. Your girl is far too young to deal with a pregnancy should the worst happen.

StillMedusa Sun 01-Dec-19 19:59:43

Good idea re the vet. She's a rare breed but presumably he can give me an idea.
I have to find a way to explain to my brother (who is lovely but has never had a dog before either so has no idea how determined his dog will be) that if mine does come into season he may have to either not come for xmas (he'll be alone as his partner will be abroad) or he will have to see if his holiday dog carer can have him.

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GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sun 01-Dec-19 20:01:41

Can't your brother put his dog into kennels, or arrange a friend to have the dog if it becomes necessary? It's tricky enough having a neutered male in the same house as a randy bitch, never mind an intact one.

Could you contact her breeder to find out when her mother and other relations first came into season? With a middling/large breed first season can be any time from 6 months to 18 months and sometimes even older. It's actually surprising how little info there is about the average age of first season by breed, size etc.

MustardScreams Sun 01-Dec-19 20:06:43

If he’s not willing to compromise he can’t come. The fact of the matter is having an intact male is you have to compromise by either chopping balls off or missing events that a bitch in season may be at.

It will be very difficult to keep them completely separated and your bitch is far, far too young to risk pregnancy.

StillMedusa Sun 01-Dec-19 22:18:52

Don't worry, I am not going risk my lovely puppy girl.

I spoke to my breeder and Mum first came into season at 8.5 months, so with any luck my girl will hang on til then.. but if she doesn't, we are cancelling Christmas!

Ok that sounds dramatic, but having explained to my brother he now understands that his lovely dog would also be in a right state trying to get to mine, so we have agreed that if my puppy IS in season, my Mum will go to his and we will have a family celebration when it is safe!

So we have a plan B and my girl's virtue will be safe!

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