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Running leads/harnesses - help please?

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JamieFrasersSassenach Sat 30-Nov-19 19:50:36

Both DH and I are runners - we are keen to buy one of the leads to use when out running - they go around your waist. I think I would prefer to harness our dog when using that lead so I'm really looking for advice and recommendations please.

We have a small springer spaniel - not sure if different brands/types are more suited to some breeds or others?

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SutterCane Sat 30-Nov-19 20:03:58

I don't run with mine (I've got sighthounds, I'd only be holding them back grin) so no harness recommendations but I have heard good things about K9 Trail Time, they certainly seem to have a huge selection of harnesses and belts.

JamieFrasersSassenach Sat 30-Nov-19 20:17:45

Thank you SutterCane - I will take a look at the site smile

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Els1e Sat 30-Nov-19 20:23:27

I got mine in Home Bargains. Works fine and cost about £3.00

Motorina Sat 30-Nov-19 22:01:08

Getting the right harness is really important for you and your dog. Suggest joining your local canicross club, who will almost certainly have loaner kit. Failing that k9 trailtime are good.

JamieFrasersSassenach Sat 30-Nov-19 22:18:58

Thank you Motorina - I will look into canicross

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uneasymongoose Sat 30-Nov-19 22:26:04

Another vote here for K9 trail time. Like your own running shoes the fit of your dogs harness is super important to avoid injury and free and full motion of joints. Harnesses should not restrict the dog's shoulders at all and using a bungee type lead and proper running belt will make things a lot more comfortable for both of you. Have fun! (If on a budget you can pick up a lot of this stuff second hand).

CherryPavlova Sat 30-Nov-19 22:34:18

Not sure what make ours is. My husband uses it to run our Dally each morning. It attaches to his collar as the beast isn’t keen on harnessing as it rubs over the distance he runs each day.
Mainly he runs off lead though.

Motorina Sun 01-Dec-19 06:39:54

No worries.

If you’re UK based the group ‘canicross trailrunners’ on Facebook has a map of local clubs/shops etc.

Running with the right kit - dog in a harness that they can pull into, bungee line to transfer the load - is a totally different experience to running a dog on a lead.

There’s also an active social run/race scene if that’s your thing.

Phillipa12 Sun 01-Dec-19 07:07:59

You need a canicross lead. I have run with a lead that goes round the waist, it hurt my lower back. The best style of lead for me is one with leg loops that did up round the hips, there was no chaffing and much better distribution of pulling across the hips rather than the lower back.

CMOTDibbler Sun 01-Dec-19 16:25:39

I run with my lurchers, but unlike canicross runners I don't allow my dogs to pull on the lead while running and they are only allowed to be just in front of me enough that I'm not stepping on them. They have harnesses, but only because if they decide on a rapid wee stop it avoids a collar pull, and I use normal leads which have a d ring on the handle. I then have a leash from the d ring to a waist strap so that if I fell over the dogs couldn't leg it. As we run down pavements its also easier to control them down the side of the road imo

JamieFrasersSassenach Sun 01-Dec-19 17:44:30

That’s what DH is leaning towards @CMOTDibbler - thank you! smile

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LochJessMonster Mon 02-Dec-19 15:02:10

K9 trail time is the best site imo. I have a howling dog Alaska canicross belt.

I would strongly recommend getting the belt with leg straps, much less strain on your back, your hips take all the pull which is what you want.

I then use a bungee line, like the parkrun canicross line to help absorb any pulls, and attach it to a proper canicross harness.

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