Dog acting like spayed bitch in season

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LochJessMonster Thu 28-Nov-19 12:33:12

You definitely need to keep an eye on them and separate if necessary, his behaviour is bound to annoy her at some point.

LadyGuffers Thu 28-Nov-19 10:37:55

Take her to the vet but sometimes spaying leaves tiny remnants of the overies in place. Not enough to be fertile but enough to influence hormones.

I am no expert but recall the overy on one side being trickier than on the other so harder to make sure all the tissue is removed.

Am pretty sure this is the case with our bitch who seems to 'act frisky' twice a year but is most definately spayed.

frostedviolets Thu 28-Nov-19 10:18:35

I would take her to the vet incase she has an infection

UnravellingThreads Thu 28-Nov-19 07:40:53

We have two female dogs: a German shepherd (8yo) and a Siberian husky (7yo). We're currently living with PIL who have a male Labrador (roughly 13yo).

The dogs all get on pretty well and our husky likes the lab's bed so, since it's a large dog bed, they tend to share without issue.

Last night the lab suddenly started acting like our husky is in heat...but she was spayed years ago!

He has problems with mobility and has atrophy in his back legs so normally lies around quite a lot.

But last night he kept following the husky, nudging her, sniffing her and sort of hopping (like if he was able he'd have tried to mount her). Even when we sent her to her bed away from him he followed her. He was really persistent.

DH wondered if perhaps she'd rolled in something that was giving him mixed signals. I'd walked her and the GSD in a wood where there are fox dens yesterday so could she have somehow got fox musk on her and that's what's going on??

He slept on his bed with her fine overnight but then he's been back at it this morning. He's not in the slightest bit interested in the GSD.

MIL and I are worried it could be a sign there's something wrong with either the lab or the husky?

Anyone have any ideas/advice?

Both my kids are off school ill today so I can keep an eye on them all.

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