Anyone else's dog not interested in other dogs?

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onceuponarocketship Mon 25-Nov-19 21:36:43

As the title says really.
I have a 1 year old spaniel, she goes to various dog sitters, boarders, walkers etc and is great with all other dogs, ie no aggression, growling, barking etc.
She is just not interested in playing!
When out on walks she’ll want to play with me and her ball, numerous other dogs will come over to initiate play or have a sniff and she’s 100% focused on her tennis ball and completely blanks them.
At the boarders house she’ll be happy as Larry, playing with toys, running around the garden etc, but never does that “play” that you see other dogs doing. She’ll happily curl up in a bed with another dog and sleep but I’ve never seen her play.
Just thought it was a bit unusual, although I’d much prefer this to her being obsessed with other dogs!

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Floralnomad Mon 25-Nov-19 22:27:42

Mine is the same when out , will say hello and then just wants to be left alone but he’s a patterdale x . The difference is that mine would not be comfortable in a dog boarding situation and can get a bit narky if another dog persists in pestering him .

BiteyShark Mon 25-Nov-19 22:28:44

My cocker doesn't even look at anything else when we are on a walk but that's because he too is ball obsessed.

At daycare he does play with other dogs but I do know he likes to 'do his own thing' quite a lot.

MerryDeath Mon 25-Nov-19 22:35:16

our cocker was like this. i've never had another dog like him. he was such a lone wolf despite living with 1-2 other dogs at all points of his life. strange little chap he was.

Moonflower12 Mon 25-Nov-19 23:14:01

Our spaniel is like this. I'm sure she doesn't believe she is also a dog. She thinks she is a human I suspect?

herbsmokedchicken Mon 25-Nov-19 23:17:47

I had a King Charles cavalier and he was like this, every now and again he’d meet a dog he was interested in but most of the time had no interest. Out on a walk the only thing he was interested in was his ball!

pigsDOfly Mon 25-Nov-19 23:47:57

Yeah, another dog here that isn't interested in other dogs.

She's 8 years old and will now occasionally want to greet another dog of a similar small size but as a youngster she wouldn't bother with other dogs at all.

She too was absolutely ball obsessed when younger. She still loves to play with her ball but not to the same extent.

I do think that her desire to play with her ball on her own had a lot to do with wanting to keep away from other dogs, that and the fact that where we used to live other dogs in the park would constantly steal her ball, which would really upset her.

She'd give me her 'get my ball back' look and I'd have to speak to the owner of the other dog on her behalf, which usually resulted in said owner chasing their dog around the park trying to catch it and persuade it to give the ball up.


herbsmokedchicken Mon 25-Nov-19 23:51:21

Yes my dog was always getting his ball nicked and he’d just stare at them pathetically lol

onceuponarocketship Tue 26-Nov-19 06:54:30

Yep she gets her ball stolen and looks at me pathetically too!
Glad I’m not the only one. She’s in no way antisocial, just happy doing her own thing!

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bengalcat Tue 26-Nov-19 06:56:38

Mines 10 now , always friendly but generally less interested in other dogs and humans . However always up for 🐿🐿🐿’s

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