Yak cheese chews.

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Helenluvsrob Mon 25-Nov-19 20:16:00

I dunno. It’s like babies. You worry about everything 😂

Switched from the puppy nylabones as he bit a lump off and I had to go in and fetch it ( owww!).

Bought a yak chew. Small. Ate it in 2 days of happy extended chew time.

Bought a medium one ( he’s 4 plus kg). He’s adoring it. But he’ll have eaten it in 5 days. It makes him very happy

Apart from The cost (£5 on offer 😂) is it bad for him? I do hoover small heaps of cheese up.

What else is good chewing?

Please don’t say bits of dead stuff. He had a lambs ear.. we are still recovering from the stink !

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LilyRed Tue 26-Nov-19 00:23:53

Our current dog, now just over a year, has always been a very gnawy chewer - He also destroyed the puppy nylabones v rapidly and the yak chews are too expensive for one on the go all the time.
I found rope toys very useful (buy from the place that starts with A - not advertising them!), the cotton is easily digestible and you can play tug!
Also lumps of specially treated wood/root from same here , my bearded x border collie loves them and they saved all my wood furniture from imminent destruction. The current piece is a huge lump that he lies down with between his paws and gnaws at. I have not noticed any splinters or problem with digestion and if any bits do fall off, you can bin them quickly. I tried split antler, but it got buried in the garden.
Kongs are also very useful, I make up a mix with porridge oats, Meridian peanut butter (make sure wharever you use has no xylitol or artificial sweetener) and plain natural or greek yoghurt and use this to fill them.

HeidiPeidi Tue 26-Nov-19 03:49:24

No suggestions as we use mostly ‘bits of dead stuff’ grin (stuffed trachea is a fave -yummers!). But I did want to say that if you microwave the small bits of Yakers, they puff up like a cheesy piece of popcorn. Our dogs love it even more like that.

adaline Tue 26-Nov-19 14:10:57

Ours loves his yakkers.

We do rotate around chews though - unfortunately all the others are body parts - they do smell but they're good for the teeth and imo, much better for them than bits of plastic (nylabones, balls, ropes etc.)

joystir59 Tue 26-Nov-19 14:19:43

Tripe chews, beef twists from Wilko,stinky but Dog likes them. He also adores pieces of raw ox tail from the butcher.

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