How much are our puppies sleeping and how old are they?

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Snufflesdog Tue 26-Nov-19 21:16:41

Just 9 weeks here I was worried she was sleeping too much but seems about right. Hour awake for toilet and eating and excited play or training
20 mins chill
40mins nap
Rinse and repeat!
Like you by the time it’s the sleepy part I’m relieved grin

Helenluvsrob Mon 25-Nov-19 20:09:12

17 weeks here.

Sleep 9.30 (Maybe earlier ) to we’ll it is 8.30 or so at the weekend. Week days he’s up about 6.30 with husband as he’s off out , then back in crate for a variable time whilst I get up.

Off to dog sitter 8.30. Back 6.40 on work days.

Non work days he’ll have a nap over lunch after a walk etc then same walk and nap at about 5 . He’ll nap for up to 3hrs and I can manipulate it it have to pop to work for a while , we stay out / walk longer😂.

It gives me a decent time to get a bit of something done and he’s getting better at pottering in the kitchen whilst I cook etc.

Mostly house trained . Slightly less vigilant than we used to be but quite / out of sight still gets the “ oi what are you up to “ reaction. Surprise accidents kind of without warning at rare times.

Never ever has “ just fallen asleep “ though. Needs a lap to sit on or 2-3 mins whining in the crate though.

Spotty528 Mon 25-Nov-19 19:36:10

Good to hear that at 5 months they’ve got a similar routine! I hope our boy keeps up this schedule as it really does just me the break I need plus allows me to look after the kids/house etc without him crying in the background!

DH and DS are early risers so I think pup will always wake up early when he hears them.

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talia66 Mon 25-Nov-19 17:17:44

My puppy had almost exactly the same routine as yours!
Recently as he is getting older (coming up to 5 months old) he is sleeping in longer in the morning (praise be!!) and sleeping a little less during in the day. The last couple of days he has slept until 7am (hope I am not jinxing it!) So it seems to be gradually changing. The worst was when he was getting up at 5am - but then the clocks went back!! So for a little while it was 4am! That was killer!

Spotty528 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:50:54

Ours is 11 weeks and seems to need to nap after every 2 hours of play time. So today was:

Sleep 8pm-5am
Nap 8.45-10.15
Nap 12-1.45
Nap 4.30-? Whenever he wakes up!

I really like this routine as it seems to fit in with the amount of time I can tolerate him for 😄 I have to enforce the naps though, he doesn’t just realise he’s tired and take himself off to bed. He tends to go wild, bitey and barky so I either sit him on my knee with a toy, he’ll chew himself to sleep or I put him in his pen and he whines for 5 mins then falls asleep.

What are the other pups up to?

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