Preparing a dog for a new baby

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NotwhereIshouldbe Sun 24-Nov-19 14:32:49

Jo-Rosie recently did a post on introducing a baby to your dog

owlofathena Sun 24-Nov-19 14:24:59

My dog was scared of prams pre baby, something we were really worried about. I set up the pram in the living room a couple of weeks before due date and would love it around so that he became used to it. He has always slept upstairs (since living in our current house, in our old house he slept downstairs, no idea why he won't here but that's another story). He would sleep on our bed which I was worried about with having the baby in the cot next to it. By time daughter was here we had no problems as he would sleep next to the cot and guard it. We found that there were no jealously issues, as long as the dog could see the baby he was okay.
I read that it's a good thing to give the dog a blanket that has been used for the baby so that they get used to the babies scent.

Harrysmummy246 Sun 24-Nov-19 14:13:42

I've got two dogs and lots of off road walks, DS has always been in the sling/ carrier. Much easier to be honest, especially if you have dogs off lead and need to put them back on etc

TeakFox Sun 24-Nov-19 10:39:39

Yes im thinking of practicing pram walks as they have never seen one and it probably will take some getring used to. Just put a blanket in with a teddy or something under it if youre worried so people can see womething is in there but its under the blanket.

I have 2 dogs one is such a good boy, hes turned into a proper nanny dog watching me constantly. He may just need to get used to not walking under the wheels grin

My female however doesnt like other dogs and pulls badly on the lead. I somehow need to train her to walk nice and not go crazy at other dogs. Ive not been able to for the past 7 years so wish me luck doing it in a few months.

undomesticgodde55 Sun 24-Nov-19 10:19:47

@TeakFox it's hard to know how they will react isn't it! I've thought about getting a sling for walks so I can keep the dog under better control, or once I have a pram taking the dog out and getting used to having it next to him (my DP thinks I'm being daft and will look silly doing this without a baby but that's a big worry of mine too!)

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TeakFox Sun 24-Nov-19 10:16:14

I am literally in the same position, i have 2 dogs both sleep on the floor in our room. One hates other dogs and i just have visions of her pulling a pram over. Or me having to chose between holding her or letting go of the pram.

undomesticgodde55 Sun 24-Nov-19 10:13:08

Hi, we are expecting our first baby June next year. We have a 10 year old working cocker who is very much part of the family. What are your best tips for preparing the dog for a new arrival?

The dog already sleeps downstairs in a crate (unlocked, the crate is just there as it's his space to go to) but he does come upstairs for cuddles in the morning at weekends. We are going to put a stair gate up in the next week or so to get him used to not being upstairs anymore.

I'm most worried about jealousy towards the new baby, it's always been me and him for the last 10 years. DP came along after the dog with minimal issues. he's a good dog, he loves my sisters children (3 and 5) especially when they drop food on the floor! With his age he mostly sleeps in the house now (currently cuddled into me on the sofa snoring away and he's not even had his walk yet!)

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