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How much to you pay for your dogs to get washed?

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sarah8484 Mon 18-Nov-19 23:22:23

Ive just inquired about having my puppy washed at my local pet groomers and the price is £27. This seems like a lot of money to just wash a dog. How much do you pay if you don't mind me asking?

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june2007 Mon 18-Nov-19 23:27:35

Never paid. But then mine is a lab so not a long haired dog that needs a lot of grooming. DEf though get quotes from a few companies before deciding. But also cheapest may not be the best so any recommendations is good.

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Mon 18-Nov-19 23:29:53

£29 for a full groom including anal gland expression. Spaniel.

Runkle Mon 18-Nov-19 23:30:51

I pay £25 a full groom - wash, nails clipped, cut. Our groomer has and extension on her house, dog didn't like pet shop environment.

sarah8484 Mon 18-Nov-19 23:34:08

So maybe £27 isn't so ridiculous hmm

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Mon 18-Nov-19 23:39:17

Never paid, and never would unless in exceptional circumstances - DDog is small and short haired, so I just stick him in the bath at home when he needs it. So long as the water is warm he's happy, and it helps if I let him have a ball in there to play with.

CalmFizz Mon 18-Nov-19 23:39:52

Usually it’s a shampoo wash, blow drying, brushed right through, clipped. Nails filed and trimmed etc.

Or do you mean someone hosing them down?

OhWellThatsJustGreat Mon 18-Nov-19 23:41:41

I pay £25 for a full wash, trim, nail clip for my chihuahua cross.
We've used the same person for the past 8 years and she only put her prices up from £19 to £25 as she opened a salon rather than do mobile.

BiteyShark Tue 19-Nov-19 05:11:25

£25 for a basic groom (wash, nails clipped, hair clipped, and dry although he is afraid of the dryer so she only towel dries him now)

BiteyShark Tue 19-Nov-19 05:13:39

As others have asked are you talking washing or grooming which includes other things.

I have seen grooming prices for my dog (medium size) vary up to £45.

Girlintheframe Tue 19-Nov-19 05:44:12

We put Ddog in the shower, in fact he is going to today after rolling in cow poo and smelling rather rancid hmm. He doesn't love it but doesn't seem to mind it too much.
We bought professional clippers too and do him on the dining room table. He isint the kind of dog who would let strangers groom him so we do it ourselves. He only gets groomed twice a year so it's not too bad.

BiteyShark Tue 19-Nov-19 05:53:01

Also is it a 'puppy visit' where they wash them but get them used to all the noises and equipment?

happygardening Tue 19-Nov-19 07:40:46

Our local groomer charges £10 for a wash and towel dry and toe nail clip. . A full grooming is between £30- 45 depending on the type and size of dog he takes approx. 3 hours so I think it’s good value for mines. My dogs been to lots of dog groomers over the years and I’ve paid anything from £30-£55 for a full groom. Few if any now will do anal glands they say they’re not allowed to do it anymore..

Trewser Tue 19-Nov-19 07:44:11

I have never once paid anyone to wash a dog! What a waste of money!

FOJeremy Tue 19-Nov-19 07:44:18

I pay £37 for a full groom in the north east.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Tue 19-Nov-19 08:12:44

I use a hose and whatever shampoo I got in Poundland. Very cheap.

When we had a broken-coated terrier, I used to strip her myself.

I've saved us a fortune...

fedupandlookingforchange Tue 19-Nov-19 08:19:41

Either in an old baby bath outside, or tie to fence post and shower with watering cans full of warm water. Towel dry with a few old towels.

mumsiedarlingrevolta Tue 19-Nov-19 08:20:51

I am in Southeast.

I pay £35 and have to book about 2 months in advance.

weaselwords Tue 19-Nov-19 08:27:19

£20 per dog for mobile groomer to do their nails. Anal glands for free. Both dogs like eels when having nails done so I can’t do it myself. The anal glands alone would be worth the £40 as that is vile!

Trewser Tue 19-Nov-19 08:27:23

Am I missing something? Why can't you wash your dog yourself? I can understand wanting it professionally hand stripped (although my border had a bad reaction to it so I clip him with my horse clippers instead). But a wash??

mumsiedarlingrevolta Tue 19-Nov-19 08:35:13

@Trewser I was assuming they meant wash and groom and not just a shampoo?

My ddog gets washed, scissor cut-beard trimmed etc and nails done.

Floralnomad Tue 19-Nov-19 11:08:16

I’m SE , I pay £29 for a wash / full clip / dry and £10 if I just want him bathed and dried with no clipping . However I think they only charge me that rate because I take him to be clipped every 4 weeks so I’m a good regular customer .

Spidey66 Tue 19-Nov-19 11:13:43

We put her in the bath and use the shower to wash her, using baby shampoo. It happens whenever she's muddy, which is about 3 times a week at the moment, though if the mud's not too bad she gets rinsed rather than a full shampoo.

She's not too bad in the bath, but refuses to entertain a hairdryer (keeps trying to bite it like she does with the hoover.) She's got a doggy robe (cost more than my dressing gown!) which we put on her to dry her off a bit.

ArtichokeAardvark Tue 19-Nov-19 11:16:44

I have never paid for my dog to be groomed (hosepipe and Johnson's baby shampoo fine for a lab!) but I can't believe some of the prices PP are quoting. And what the hell are the groomers doing around the anal glands? Why on earth do they need grooming?!?!?

billandbenflowerpotmen1 Tue 19-Nov-19 11:17:42

£30 for a hand strip, wash, nails and anal glands

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